PLKB Escape Review

PLKB Escape Review -

The words we kept hearing after a flying the PLKB Escape was "that was a surprise!"

The PLKB Escape has had us grinning in all conditions. Whether you use it waves or flat, freestyle or freeride activities, the Peter Lynn Escape seems to excel no matter what you throw at it.

You only need a few runs to realise how the 4-strut setup gives the centre of the kite a nice big floaty section, capable of sending you to the moon and giving you time to look around at you surroundings. If you want big boosty jumps - the Escape is perfect!

The Escape has lot's of different setting also for the throw on the control bar allowing you to set it up for long or short depower throw riders as well as unhooking so anyone will be able to get on with this kite after a few minutes tweaking these settings.

Feedback on the control bar can also be adjusted allowing you to feel like you are hard wired to the kite through your arm or a light bar pressure for freestyle and wave riding.

The windrange is really big because of the 4-strut setup and we were able to use a 9m even in 35 knots + when depowered.

The control bar has a great grip and neat safety that does not impeed you when you unhook and the depower setup stays out of the way when needed.

Overall the PLKB Escape is a confidence inspiring kite with predictable flight characteristics and plenty of adjustment for all riders to enjoy and use in all conditions.