F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com
F-One Mitu Pro Flex - Kiteshop.com

F-One Mitu Pro Flex

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F-One Mitu Pro Flex

£1,349.00 GBP

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  • 5`2"
  • 5`4"
  • 5`6"
  • 5`8"
  • 5`10"
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Directional Footstraps


With the compact outline, the deep single concave remains the DNA of the Mitu Pro Model which is known for its easy planing, sharp acceleration and great directional stability. The bottom features a channel at the front of the board to help while landing fins front.

The maneuverability is really impressive and takes advantage of a much refined rockerline. Travelling back along the bottom of the board, the concave fades progressively towards the back marking a rounded kick in the rockerline which further helps making the turns smooth and effortless.

Combined with some thin rails at the back, the fish tail remains the best compromise between planing, stability, turning and pop.

The range includes 5x sizes from 5’2 to 5’10 with the smaller ones having more focus on manoeuverability and speed control, while the largest sizes have a bit more emphasize on the planing ability and general stability. All share the same shape features with their specific outline to make the most of the wave’s energy.

The Mitu Pro Flex uses the HD foam flex construction where the ability of the board to flex has been emphasized to provide an outstanding comfort and an amazing feeling in the waves.

Built with HD foam of various densities together with fiberglass and epoxy resin, this construction also features some deck stringers for more durability. The comfort while riding is further enhanced by the shock absorbers and the full pad. The Mitu Pro Flex has some deck inserts built-in so they can be equipped with foot straps.

F-One Mitu Flex Model Setup:

A kitesurfer does not need a lot of volume to take off - as opposed to a paddle surfer - the volume distribution is optimized through a unique new shape: an inverted concave deck. It allows to both lower the centre of gravity and to increase the control by reducing the thickness of the board under the front leg, without affecting the profiles of the rails. The result is a significant gain of control in your turns. The inverted concave deck allows the use of pads twice as thick under your front legs to further enhance comfort.

This new single concave V-shaped bottom and ultra progressive rocker allows for improved edging, acceleration, turning radius and radical angles; all this with more control and ease of use. Comfort is also enhanced by the choice of a double concave with V providing a smooth ride through the chop and faster transition from rail to rail.

Equipped with a tri- fin setup, the gain in manoeuverability allows committed surfing whatever the conditions. Small or large, the waves do not define your commitment; but the way you enter in your turns are now open to you. With the quad design, you will adapt the turning radius to your style, whether tight, fast, drawn out or slashed turns. Versatile these are the real kite surfboards.

Strapless Fun:

Generally kitesurfers are used to having straps that attach you to the board. Well it is no longer that simple and obvious. Riding strapless is just unbelievable fun. Standing freely on the board that is moving very fast brings much more emotions to the whole aspect of riding. The challenge of just riding and cruising make it so different and challenging that everybody should try it. The carving feeling when everything relies on the riders position and balance is multiplied by 10. Pure fun.


When the wind is dead and the waters are moving and rolling, there is nothing better than just paddling those waves to surf them. You can use F-One Surf boards to do so and this will be a great experience.

F-One Surfboard Sizing:

So that rider weight and varied conditions are covered there are different sizes of Surf Boards in the F-One line. You know your conditions best; but, in the spirit of keeping the drama out of choosing the right board, talk to those who are already riding or call us anytime.

F-One Mitu Pro Flex: 

5'2" (157.0cm x 45.0cm) (20.5 Litres)

5'4" (162.0cm x 46.0cm) (22.0 Litres)

5'6" (167.5cm x 46.5cm) (23.0 Litres)

5'8" (172.0cm x 47.0cm) (24.0 Litres)

5'10" (177.0cm x 48.5cm) (26.0 Litres)

  • Super strong bamboo construction outer layer still allowing the board to be light and agile.
  • Can be used for use with or without a kite.
  • Outstanding rocker for insane maneuverability and control
  • Amazing feeling and versatility while riding
  • HD Foam Flex Composite
  • Heel Shock Absorber
  • Camel Drive Deck
  • Nose channel
  • Front pad
F-One Mitu Flex Surf Board Complete with:
  • F-One Flow XS fins
  • F-One EVA pads


Wind Range
Control Bar