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F-One Trax - Kiteshop.com
F-One Trax - Kiteshop.com
F-One Trax - Kiteshop.com
F-One Trax - Kiteshop.com

F-One Trax

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F-One Trax

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  • 136 x 40.5
  • 137 x 42
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Platinum S / M
  • Platinum L / XL


The F-One Trax is all about having fun on the water.

This new board is based on the long Trax heritage and implements some of the latest thinking developed on the WTF?! to offer a unique blend of comfort, performances and ease of ride.

The general rocker is moderate to ensure the board offers early planing and keeps the legendary glide which is the true signature of the Trax.

The rocker line is split into three distinct stages with a flatter section in the center, which is key to achieve a good upwind angle and good tracking on the water. The transition between the middle section and the tips was inspired by the WTF?! rocker to offer really good pop.

The bottom shape features a deep double concave and some tip channels. Both are quite efficient at providing first class grip and control to the board but the double concave really is the main driver behind the overall comfort of the board and its stability at all times.

The rails are inspired by the HRD, with taller sections in the feet area for some better lift and balance, and they were kept thin everywhere else to get an easy grip.

The deck shape is stripped down for more simplicity and better contact between the bindings and the board. The 3D work in the middle section, another heritage of the Trax, helps keeping the center of the board with a solid feel for more accuracy and control when riding.

On the water the board impresses by how smooth it is to ride. Everything feels easy and totally intuitive. Perfect glide, solid pop and easy landing characterize this well-balanced shape.

The proportions of the shape are inspired by the latest freestyle developments whilst the dimensions are kept more manageable.

All versions come equipped with our UniBox 50m fins, which offer better speed and improved glide thanks to their thinner profile.

Who is the board designed for:

If you are after a kiteboard that can do it all and at the same time - with the high performance you need in competition, waves and high wind conditions - this board will be able to handle whatever you throw at it!

Riding Style: 

Freeriding / Cruising / Freestyle / Jumping / Waveriding

Skill Level: 

Beginner / Expert

F-One Trax Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • F-One Trax - 136 x 40.5cm
  • F-One Trax - 137 x 42.0cm
Complete with:
  • G-10 Epoxy 5cm Fins

Platinum Accessory Pack sold separately.


Wind Range
Control Bar