Duotone Kiteboarding XL Double Action Kite Pump

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Duotone Kiteboarding XL Double Action Kite Pump

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The Duotone XL Kite Pump means, you can spend more time on the water, as you need only half the time to inflate your kite. You can also deflate your kite by attaching the hose onto the corresponding attachment point of the handle.

The new extra big, tall, high volume kiteboard pump takes all the fighting out of inflation.

Other features include newly engineered seals and pistons combined with newly molded handle and feet offering improved ergonomics and inflation speed.

Single to double-stroke inflation switch allows for instant change from high-volume / low-pressure inflation to low-volume / high-pressure.

The Duotone XL Kite Pump also includes a kite tether and hook, kite-tuned pressure gauge, integrated sand filter, premium high-flow and extra-durable hose with new threaded fitting, and the widest range of kite nozzles of any pump on the market make this the finest kiteboard pump ever produced. Compatible with almost every kite on the market.

Not recommended for inflation higher than 13 PSI.

Complete with a pressure gauge and different nozzle attachments.

  • Capacity 2.9 L Max
  • Pressure 13 PSI
  • Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall!)
  • Diameter: 10"/25.4cm
  • Double or Single Stroke Switch
  • Better Protected Against Sand
  • Longer Body & High-airflow Piston
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • Improved Hose
  • 4 Nozzle Options

Features include strong aluminum shaft, multiple hose fittings, kite leash, and pressure gauge.

Unscrew the cap and pull it out together with the piston. Clean the inner cylinder and the piston and take care that the sealing rings are always lubricated.

For re-assembly, please place the piston carefully back into the cylinder.

Anyways, we don’t want to keep you from kitesurfing! Get on the water!

Features include strong aluminum shaft, multiple hose fittings, kite leash and pressure gauge.


Wind Range
Control Bar