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Duotone Capa - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Capa - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Capa - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Capa - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Capa - Kiteshop.com

Duotone Capa

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Duotone Capa

$1,549.00 USD

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The Duotone Capa is the definition of a freeride foil kite, the perfect balance of user-friendliness and performance.

Designed to bridge the gap between high-end racing foil kites, and inflatables. The benefits of foil kites in light winds are well known, however in the past, they have been tricky to launch and land, and sometimes even hard to fly. In the CAPA, the design team have created the most user-friendly, yet performance packed foil kite on the market.

You can fly this kite in almost no wind, and it is perfect for foilers and freeriders who want to increase their water time and improve their upwind angles. The sheet and go performance offers immense low-end power, but the clever design of the profile means the kite has a huge top end range too.

The kite has a light bar pressure, meaning you can ride the CAPA all day long, and you’ll be amazed of the handling too. With a dynamic and reactive nature, the CAPA feels more like an inflatable at the bar than a traditional foil kite.

It delivers enormous amounts of lift, making tacks and gybes on the foil easy. If you’re riding with a twin tip the hangtime and float this kite offers will amaze you, it’s more like flying than jumping!

The new air inlets ensure the kite inflates quickly and makes it very stable in gusty and turbulent conditions. Relaunch is easy on the CAPA, simply pull on a steering line just like an LEI, and the new water release channels drain super fast should any water get inside.

The CAPAcity of the CAPA knows no bounds and the CAPAbilities of this new kite are endless; if you want to feel the force this summer get the CAPA in your quiver!

For a reactive bar feeling, the recommended line length is 19m but for getting started, the recommended line length is 24m as it helps with the kites handling.

Duotone Capa Features include:
  • Even in gusty conditions, the Capa is always stable and very easy to fly.
  • The hangtime is impressive, giving you a huge amount of time in the air and makes jibing, tacking and tricks very easy.
  • The handling is incredibly intuitive and easy, delivering a very reactive steering.
  • The pinnacle of lightweight materials, still offering the necessary robustness a foil kite needs.
  • New air inlets guarantee a fast inflation and the new water drainage channels ensure a fast water relaunch.
  • All sizes of Capas, cover a huge wind range, being able to fly in all sorts of wind strengths.
  • Ultra lightweight and long-lasting
  • Big wind range, massive depower
  • Small packaging volume
The Duotone Capa is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly with:
  • Duotone Capa Kite
  • Trust Bar Foil Control Bar with 19m + 5m Dyneema Lines
  • Large technical Rucksack
  • Detailed manual



Wind Range
Control Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Duotone Trust Foil Bar system.

Safety - perform all moves with safety leash
Water Start - without swimming
Performance - increased performance due to wider wind range

All kites can be flown with the same bar, just the short line attached in the middle of the leading edge has to be adjusted to the different kite sizes. Instructions will be attached to all bars or upgrades.

The bar is your first point of contact with the kite, It is the connection between you and your kite and it is important to get it right. And it’s actually an easy formula: The shorter the lines, the more direct and faster the kite turns. The longer the lines, the more power you can generate out of them! Choose a Duotone Trust Bar, and choose the right line set up for your style of riding.

Complete with 19m + 5m Flying Lines and Duotone Freeride Loop Kit.



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