Nobile PA GF33 Click and Go Fins

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Nobile PA GF33 Click and Go Fins

$54.00 USD

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Nobile PA GF33 fins are made of 33% glass reinforced PA (Polyamide). These fins are made in extremely highly-visible „ultra orange” to let you know where you dropped your precious kiteboard. It features the same durability as G10 Epoxy but is much lighter. 33% glass reinforced PA fins become a standard in all Nobile boards.

Nobile PA GF33 fins are compatible with the tool-free “Click&Go” mounting standard and can be used interchangeably with G-10 fins.

  • Durability:
    Polyamide (PA) is light and very durable constructional material, used also in aerospace and machinery industry for production the parts. It is widely known for its light weight and extreme durability. Furthermore, our Polyamide fins are reinforced with fiberglass (33%).
  • Weight:
    Polyamide fins feature the same durability and wear resistance as the G10 Epoxy, but are lighter.
  • Performance:
    The injection molding technology, used in production of our Polyamide fins, helps to gain fully repeatable hydrodynamic profile. Such profiled shape improves the connection between the fin and the kiteboard. It reduces the water drag by 5 per cent and increases the kiteboard speed. The surface adherence of polyamide fin is 40 per cent better. It results with stronger fin-to-kiteboard connection and greater stability during the ride.
  • Ecology:
    Polyamide fins are made in EU with fully recyclable materials.

Size: 55mm

Sold as a set of 4.


Wind Range
Control Bar