Oceanus Kiteboarding Eel Reel Leash

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Oceanus Kiteboarding Eel Reel Leash

$65.00 USD

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The latest and most versatile model. The EEL incorporates a number of popular modifications all wrapped into one unit. Oceanus have re-enforced the feed port of the unit from the inside making this model more similar in size, weight, and appearance to the standard, while offering the increased durability of the heavy duty reinforced model.

The Oceanus Reel leash range are the only kiteboard leash that functions out of the water, out of the way, and does not slingshot the board back at the rider.

Kiters tell us over and over again, that their Oceanus Reel aids in speeding up the learning curve, saves time spent chasing their boards, and money spent on board replacement. In addition, no one wants to spend long periods of time in deep water, making like a human lure.

In place of the standard shock cord is a 30-inch rope extension. This rope extension is doubled over and stitched to toughen it up and better repel water.

Kite Surfer's around the world are eliminating drag and GETTING REEL.

No more having the board slingshot back at them when they load it up.

No more stepping on, or becoming tied up in the old leash.

No more drag, or uncontrolled tubing flying around everywhere.

The Reel Leash® has a lightweight plastic housing which contains a stainless steel spring and spool of webbing with a stainless steel snap hook. 

Safer than traditional tubular leashes, because when separated from the board, the board will safely fall away from the kiter. This releases the webbing out up to 10', with enough torque from the spring system to control/eliminate slack - and the board sling shooting back toward the kiter. 

Leash webbing stays coiled away in the housing and out of the way. Reel Leash® won't drag in the water, wrap around the kiter or board, or get caught between toes or under the feet while moving around on the board.

Now comes complete webbing board attachment to your fins, and Rope Extension.


Wind Range
Control Bar