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Spider Kites Amigo

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Spider Kites Amigo

$43.00 USD

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Never flown a kite and wanting to fly one without the hassle of difficult controls? Get a Spider Kites Amigo! When it comes down to kite flying, the Amigo makes your life easy, giving you pure fun right from the start.

The Amigo an entry level two-line foil designed for you to experience fun and performance from the first launch and since crashes are inevitable in the beginning your Amigo has a strong skin made out of Rip Stop Polyester fabric.

All Amigos come ready to fly including durable flying lines and wrist straps.

Amigo 1.35m:

Amigo 1.35 is the ideal Spiderkite for beginners. The smallest Amigo works great for kids and young-at-heart! The 1.35 metre wingspan with a sail area of 0,6 sqm get you lots of fun. Comes in a handy storages bag that can be folded and kept safe in your pocket! Ages 12+

Amigo 1.75m:

With a span of 1.75m and a sail area of 0.9sqm the Amigo 1.75 will give you fun and power in all conditions. Ages 14+

Amigo 2.05m:

Amigo 2.05 is the largest size in the range. More than two metre wingspan with a sail area of 1.2sqm is sure to give you a good work out. Ages 14+

  • Low Aspect Ratio - for easy handling and predictable flying behaviour
  • Easy Launch Profile - to ensure the complete kite easily fills with air improving stability and relaunch
  • Minimised Bridle - to reduce the chance of bridles hooking behind each other
  • Rock Solid Construction - combined with specifically chosen materials for top skin, lower skin and profiles to ensure maximum durability

Includes kite, storage bag, flying lines, straps and instruction manual.


Wind Range
Control Bar