Trampa Vertigo Channel Truck

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Trampa Vertigo Channel Truck

$86.00 USD

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The Trampa Vertigo Truck has been CNC machined to cut out the bulk of the material, saving weight but without removing any of its critical strength.

The Vertigo hanger is also fitted with weight saving 12mm Hollow Steel Axles instead of the standard Solid axles found on the Infinity Truck. The Hanger is attached to an extruded T6 Heat Treated Aluminium Baseplate which has also been CNC lightened. Comparing to the Infinity Truck the Vertigo is over 20% lighter!! The Hanger and Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are also CNC precision milled, allowing the Truck to assemble like a dream - everything fixes together perfectly enabling the Vertigo Trucks to provide problem free precision riding!

Nylon Bushings are inserted into the Hanger and Baseplate allowing a flush connection & to eliminate wear between the moving parts. Using a top quality 8mm steel kingpin (which seriously reduces weight over the competitions products) connects the 2 integral parts together, allowing the steering to happen.

Springs are loaded with Trampa Dampa's which are squeezed by hand, into the mounting positions between the Hanger and Baseplate. When anchored in position they give resistance to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability and personal preference by changing the Trampa Dampa to a stiffer/softer hardness.

By using a 4mm Allen Key you can further tune your steering by turning the spring adjuster clockwide to give tighter steering (fast riding) and turning anti-clockwise turnin to give (carve riding). You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead.

As your riding will improve over time you will demand more pre-tension from your steering, so dont over tighten your springs, instead change your Dampa's to something a little harder.

18.2mm pacers position the wheels on the 12mm axles in the perfect location 7/16th's of an Inch. MGSS Half nuts screwed on at the end of the axle stop the wheel from working loose.

  • Super Strong and Lightweight (Forged and CNC'd) Hanger - Anodised
  • 12mm Lightweight HOLLOW STEEL Axles - 16 Inch Wide
  • Mega Lightweight VERTIGO CNC Baseplate - Annodised
  • Dual Sprimg Position - INSIDE for easy Carving OUTSIDE for High Speed Stability .
  • Pre-compressible Springs for fine tuning your steering to your preference .
  • 67mm Nickel Plated polished Springs
  • Re-enforced MGST Spring retainer - No Fiddly washers to fit!
  • Includes custom DAMPA's to compliment your riding style .
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Rust Proof Kingpin
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nuts Bolts & Washers
  • Fits to - Fits to 35º TRAMPA Decks
  • Weight: 980g each

Weight: 980g each

Vertigo Trucks sold separately.


Wind Range
Control Bar