Bruna Kajiya becomes GKA Freestyle Kite World Champion!

Bruna Kajiya becomes GKA Freestyle Kite World Champion! -

Following a remarkable year, Bruna Kajiya becomes the 2023 Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle Kite World Champion after showcasing her talent and sheer determination throughout the year.

Having claimed 3x World Champion titles in former years, with the last in 2017, Bruna demonstrated her hunger to claim back the crown.

Bruna put her heart and soul into proving that she has what it takes to win her fourth title!

“It feels amazing and really something that I’ve been working hard at for so long and it finally came together. This year has been insane for me and everything I have worked for in the years previous has now been realised this year.

I am really truly blessed to share this journey as I think it can inspire a lot of people. I had so many ups and downs and people saw me struggle, but then they saw me fight harder. I think my coming back means that it’s possible for everyone to achieve their dreams and get what they want. It’s really why I do this and I’m super proud to be standing here now”