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Manera are behind the equipment of some of the best riders in the world, providing them with some of the best harnesses, wetsuits and travel bags taking particularattention to their technical details for maximum affect.


Manera Halo Waist Harness


Manera EXO Waist Harness


Manera Eclipse Waist Harness


Manera Boom Impact Vest


Manera X10D Impact Vest


Manera Seafarer 5/3 FZ Wetsuit


Manera X10D 5/4 FZ Wetsuit


Manera Magma 5/4 FZ Wetsuit

$307.00 $512.00

Manera ALT 5/4 FZ Wetsuit


Manera Magma Hood


Manera Magma 2.5mm Gloves


Manera Magma 5mm Boots


Manera Wing Foil Board Bag