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Choose from our vast selection of helmets, pads and impact vests in an assortment of colours, styles and designs. have got you covered.


Mystic Foil Kite Impact Vest


Mystic MK8 Helmet


Prolimit Float Vest

$81.00 $97.00

Mystic Majestic Kite Impact Vest


Ion Booster X Floatation Vest


ION Vector Vest Amp


Mystic Star Kite Impact Vest


Mystic MK8-X Helmet


Mystic Brand Floatation Vest


Manera Boom Impact Vest


Mystic Shiznit Helmet


Mystic Block Kite Impact Vest


ION Vector Vest Core

$124.00 $151.00

Duotone Kiteboarding Impact Vest


Forward Wip Wing Neo Impact Vest


Forward Wip Kompact Impact Vest


Manera X10D Impact Vest


Mystic Predator Helmet


Mystic Vandal Pro Helmet


ION Rush Foil Wing Impact Vest Harness


Mystic Vandal Helmet


Forward Wip Pro Wipper 2.0 Safety Helmet


Forward Wip Pro Wip 2.0 Safety Helmet


Forward Wip Flow Neo Impact Vest


Gath Comfort Strips


AK Riot Helmet


Prolimit Predator Impact Vest

$76.00 $92.00

Forward Wip Wing 50N Impact Vest


Palm Ace Floatation Vest

$81.00 $97.00

Forward Wip 50N Impact Vest


Forward Wip Light Impact Vest


Forward WIP Wiflex Safety Helmet


Yak Taurus


Yak Xipe


Yak Blaze


Crewsaver Pro 50N SZ


Crewsaver Pro 50N CZ


Crewsaver Sport


Crewsaver Response


ION Vector Vest Element SZ


Mystic Star Float Jacket


Bern Brighton H2O Womens Helmet

$44.00 $76.00