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Whether you’re the seasoned kiteboarder with years of experience or you are just starting out, our extensive range of kiteboarding twin-tip boards has every area of this sport covered.

Riding in light wind, in need of your first board or looking for a new school binding kiteboard, there is a twin-tip board here for you.


Duotone Gonzales


Duotone Select Concept Blue


Duotone Select SLS


Duotone Soleil Concept Blue


Duotone Soleil SLS


Duotone Jaime


Duotone Jaime SLS


Duotone Team Series


Duotone Team Series SLS


Duotone Gambler


Duotone Spike


Duotone Ultraspike


Duotone Voyage


Ozone Code V4


Ozone Base V3


Ozone Infinity V3


Ozone Torque V3


Airush Switch V11


Airush Switch Team


Airush Apex V8


Airush Apex Eco


Airush Apex Team V8


Airush Diamond V7


Airush Livewire V8


Airush Livewire Team V8


Core Choice 5 (V) Carbon


Core Bolt 4 (IV)


Core Fusion 6


F-One One