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Core XC Wing

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Core XC Wing

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The Core XC delivers instinctive power control for all levels and styles of wingfoiling.

Power, speed and manoeuvrability are all perfectly balanced in the moderate aspect-ratio profile that's been finely tuned to keep both front and flow stalls to a minimum. The XC not only turns playfully, it also provides instant forward drive thanks to the twist allowance in the center strut and tips. A perfect balance between drive and agility.

The reactive relationship between stiffness and flex is forged from the ExoTex2 material in the leading edge and center strut. The low-stretch and highly durable CoreTex2 cloth helps ensure the XC delivers liquid smooth and linear power development. Optimal cloth tension and minimal drag helps generate maximum power for a quick take-off and then offers precise control in flight as you simply let your senses take control.

Firm, ergonomic handles are extra wide for all riding styles and offer the most direct feel of power control in the palm of your hands.

Built to supersede expectation in all areas of use, whether you want to push the high speeds of your foil to its limits, pop huge airs, experiment with ever more aggressive tacks or simply glide dreamily above your watery playground. Effortlessly accompanying you into any wave, from knee-high to triple overhead, the XC is also built tough enough for any crash abuse that the progressive freestyler can put it through while attempting new maneuvers. Standing out above all else for its agile handling and linear power delivery, the XC will ensure that all your demands are fulfilled alongside the equally tuned-up Roamer and Spectrum products in the CORE wingfoiling range.

Power, Speed and Manoeuverability:

The XC comes in a mid- to high-aspect-ratio that gives the necessary power and performance. The mid to high sweep of the front tube leads to a higher max speed while ensuring the overall agility of the wing is maintained. This well tuned combination is the golden mean of power, speed and maneuverability, which makes the XC the perfect match with our Spectrum foils.  

Rigid Handles Power At Hand:

Rigid handle bars deliver a significantly more direct steering-feel than soft handles ever could. Requiring less physical effort to hold on to, they can also extend your session through less fatigue. The extra long shape enables a balanced and relaxed stance on any tack. The EVA grip with an optimized profile guarantees non-slip grip on your XC.

Twisted Control Tips:

The XC’s wing tips come in a higher angle-of-attack than the center strut, leading to a remarkable twist in the wing’s profile. This design provides the perfect balance between power and agility. The primary propulsion power comes from the center strut, while the angled tips stabilize and ensure a clean turning of the wing in all your maneuvers. When the wing is being pumped, the tips create the essential airflow by leading the pressured air towards the trailing edge and therefore creating the all important forward propulsion.

Stability with Tension:

Fundamental to the XC’s performance is that the stretch in the profile is reduced to a minimum, especially in load peaks. The CoreTex2 was aligned and sewn according to its optimal running direction in different canopy segments. Minimum stretch in the primary direction of load allows the wing to retain the most possible performance.The highly durable CoreTex 2 provides  extremely high tear strength and excellent UV protection.

Robust and Stiff Airframe:

The ExoTex 2 dacron is extremely durable and has very little stretch. Even under the highest loads the elongation of the fibres in any direction is reduced to a minimum. An extensive emulsion process also makes ExoTex 2 extremely tear resistant., The very stiff airframe delivers the most direct power transmission, especially useful during flight and when pumping the wing after a waterstart to come up on the foil.

Faster Inflation and Variable Pressure:

Wings require a large amount of air to ensure their stability. They should not only be fast to inflate but also easy to deflate. Therefore the XC comes with two speed valves, which make deflation significantly faster. Wings above 5m come with larger diameters in their front strut to ensure their stability. By inflating the thinner center strut separately, you can ensure that you have the ideal and identical pressure in both struts. Obviously every XC comes with a one pump connector so you can also pump it via one valve at any time.

The XC comes with a comfortable backpack, manual and repair-kit.

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