Duotone Kiteboarding Team Bag

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Duotone Kiteboarding Team Bag

£206.00 GBP

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  • 145cm
  • 165cm
  • 190cm


Every kiter should own one! Duotone have reduced the Team Bag’s weight so that you can bring more stuff without surcharge.

The Duotone Team Bag holds up to two boards, 3-5 kites, bars, pumps, harnesses and wetsuits.

The bag has a removable custom-padding inlay that encloses boards for maximum protection. The inlay can also be removed to save weight.

A plastic plate reinforcement at the nose and tail gives extra protection to these sensitive areas.

  • Waterproof Polyester 600D Material
  • Anti-Rust Zipper
  • PVC Protection
  • Double liner foam EPE 5mm

Weight: 5.4kg - 6.5kg

External Dimensions:

Duotone Team Bag 145cm: 148cm x 47cm x 38cm - 3.70kg
DuotoneTeam Bag 165cm: 168cm x 50cm x 40cm - 4.10kg
Duotone Surf: 190cm x 55cm x 35cm - 3.86kg

How much kit can you expect to fit into this bag?

We got the following items into a 145cm bag with ease:

  • 7m Kite (including bag)
  • 9m Kite (including bag)
  • 11m Kite (including bag)
  • 2 x Control Bar with Lines
  • Kite Pump
  • 2 x Kiteboarding Harness
  • 133cm x 39cm Kiteboard
  • 135cm x 41cm Kiteboard
  • 2 x Wetsuits

Still with room available for additional items such as rash vests / boardshorts etc.


Wind Range
Control Bar