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Flysurfer Peak -
Flysurfer Peak -
Flysurfer Peak -
Flysurfer Peak -
Flysurfer Peak -
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Flysurfer Peak -
Flysurfer Peak -
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Flysurfer Peak -
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Flysurfer Peak

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Flysurfer Peak

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  • 2.5m
  • 4.0m
  • 5.0m
  • 6.0m
  • 8.0m
  • 11.0m
  • 13.0m
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  • Connect Control Bar


The Flysurfer Peak 5 is a single-skin foilkite concept combining passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. Progressive depower, direct steering, high stability and amazing power per m2 make the PEAK5 the perfect touring kite.

The Flysurfer PEAK5 has a faster turning speed and solid grunt, which enhances an even better free-ride experience. The new PEAK4 is also an unhooked machine and its ability to slacken the lines during jumps is perfect for highly technical tricks.

You can always prepared for emergencies due to its reliable depower and the B-Safe system. After its activation, you can also use the system for self-landing or take a relaxing break at any time. The pack size allows you to carry several kites in your backpack and react to sudden weather changes. This quick turning, ultra-light kite has an incomparable area of application. Choose it as an incentive to make courageous decisions in life and start your next adventure!

The PEAK5 is ideally suited for backcountry touring, freeride snowkiting, street kiting, kite landboarding or buggying, and is a must-have in every kite school. Once you try it, it will quickly become your go-to kite.

Even in extreme light winds of 3-8 knots, the Peak kite provides incredible stability, usability and most importantly - FUN!

Flysurfer Hybrid Package:

The Flysurfer Peak 5 Complete version comes with the following:

  • Flysurfer Peak Kite
  • Flysurfer Packbag (Stuffsack)
  • Kite Safety Guide
  • Repair Kit
  • Set of B-Safe Top Lines
  • Sandbag



Wind Range
Model Minimum Knots Ideal Knots Max Knots
2.5m 4 18-32 38
4.0m 4 15-28 32
5.0m 3 12-22 26
6.0m 3 10-18 24
8.0m 3 8-15 20
11.0m 3 6-11 15
13.0m 3 5-10 15

The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, conditions on the Water or Land, Board Size and skill level. When choosing the Kite size always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

Control Bar
Flysurfer Connect Control Bar:

The CONNECT Control Bar is tidy, lightweight and safe. Configured to use the B-Safe security system, it features 7 + 14m flying lines with a high split Y. The lightweight bar stick is equipped with soft bar ends and offers great comfort, smooth steering whilst depowering, as well as maximum safety during your session.

The CONNECT Bar is specially designed with a high Y split on the front lines and a 5th line for the B-Safe system. The lightweight bar stick has a conical shape which sits comfortably in the hand. The EVA grip is colour coded, orange for left and petrol for right. The soft bar ends reduce risk of injury and allow for easy line adjustment. The clam cleat helps riders to maximize comfort and safety by adjusting the power precisely.

The CONNECT Bar is equipped with our Quick Release 3.0 chickenloop. Maintenance is simple and easy. The One Hole eyelet in the centre of the bar features a replaceable insert.

Weighing in at just 0.84 kg complete, the CONNECT bar goes perfectly with the PEAK and is a must have for your next adventure.