HQ4 2-Line Padded Flying Straps

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HQ4 2-Line Padded Flying Straps

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HQ's padded wrist straps are an alternative 2-line kite control set intended for bigger, more powerful kites. With a comfortable, cushioned strap, they spread the force of the kite over a larger surface area, preventing potentially painful abrasions around your hands and wrists. 

Built to absorb the extra pull of stacks and larger power kites.

Made from extra durable and comfortable webbing with foam padding inside.

Available as a set of two, Yellow for Left and Black for Right.

Recommended for:

  • Peter Lynn Vibe
  • Peter Lynn Hype
  • Flexifoil Stacker 6
  • Flexifoil Proteam 8
  • Flexifoil Super 10
  • Flexifoil Buzz
  • Ozone Imp
  • HQ Symphony
  • HQ Symphony Pro

and all large Delta kites.


Wind Range
Control Bar