HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com
HQ4 Apex - Kiteshop.com

HQ4 Apex

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HQ4 Apex

£349.00 GBP

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  • 5.5m
  • 8.0m
  • 11.0m
  • Kite Only
  • All-In-One Bar - 49cm
  • All-In-One Bar - 55cm


The HQ4 Apex is an all-new depower kite specifically designed to fit the needs of beginners or riders, who simply want to cruise around yet still have lots of performance.

Maximum control, high stability and sufficient depower performance make it the companion that helps you to increase your personal level continuously. Don’t worry about mistakes, the Apex forgives a lot and makes the entry into the world of kitesurfing especially easy.

You can count on the advanced and easier handling in all situations. Improved control and progressive flying characteristics make the Apex a great choice for backcountry riding or your challenging entry into the world of powerkiting.

An innovative winglet design reduces bridling, increases turning speed and provides more power than before. It has never been so easy to climb mountains.

An all new shape and profile for the HQ4 Apex also offers more depower range and faster turning speed without losing its brilliant stability.

The Apex is the perfect kite for snowkiting in the backcountry, kite buggying at speed or for crusing with a landboard.

No matter if you want to play on snow, grass or at the beach the HQ Apex is the perfect engine.

  • New shape for more performance and depower
  • Very Easy Handling results in quickly acquired skills
  • Excellent response and feedback on the control bar
  • Forgiving flying behaviour
  • Excellent Turning Speed
  • Leash-Free Safety System
  • High Quality Construction
  • Perfect performance for beginners who want to progress


Model: Flat Span (sq m) Aspect Ratio Sail Material Cells
5.5m 460 3.53 40D Ripstop Nylon 20
8.0m 540 3.65
11.0m 640 3.72


Model: Wind Range (mph) Wind Range (km/h) Wind Range (knots)
5.5m 9-34 14-55 8-30
8.0m 4-30 6-49 3-26
11.0m 4-24 6-38 3-21


Wind Range
Control Bar

HQ All-In-One Control Bar

Leashless safety system: ready to start again in just seconds after activating the quick release 

Safety system at the chickenloop 

Easy-grip, non-slip surface

Cleat Adjustment

55cm for all depower kites.

Riders will appreciate the redesigned molded chicken loop and the new TDS (Total Depower Safety) flagging line that provides an increased level of safety and simplified self-landing.

The control bar is clean and neat with single power strap equipped with a pull-pull strap for easy adjustment. The depower strap is easy to reach at all times.

The "top hat" safety release is easy to reach, now located under the bar and effectively dumps the kite on the center-line bridle, folding the kite back and killing all power.

Even when fully powered up, bar pressure is light to moderate, giving good feedback and flying with one hand is easy.

Control Bar Features:
  • Excellent de-power, very little bar pressure
  • Control bar with chicken loop and safety-system
  • Extreme Lift and Hangtime
  • Enormous Increased Stability
  • New Y-Frontlines for less drag
  • Fast turning speed
  • Excellent performance when un-hooked
  • Internal drainage system and dirt-outs
  • Innovative speed system and reduced bridle
  • Adjusted Aspect Ratio for all sizes
  • Double Stitched Seams with Reinforce Profiles
  • New Designed De-Power Control Bar
  • Water repellent sail material for more performance
  • Easy relaunch