Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD

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Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD

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At last, a land-based Power Kiting DVD! The POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE will take you from basics to advanced aerial manoeuvres.

No matter what type of kite you use or what type of buggy or board you ride, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE will take you through each manoeuvre step-by-step, highlighting key points, common mistakes and guidelines on what type of equipment may be best for you!

From explaining the wind window to pulling off your first kiteloop, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is packed with over 2.5 hours of tutorials designed to help you with manoeuvres you are currently working on.

With additional tricks, hints and updates available free to download from its own dedicated website, you should never be left behind on the latest manoeuvres! The POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is the only DVD you need!

Complete with subtitles, narration and music options, this DVD will give you the opportunity to study and learn the techniques at your own pace.

Endorsed by the British Power Kitesports Association (BPKA).


2-Line Control, 4-Line Handles, 4-Line Control Bar, Depower, Setting Up, Assisted Launch, Launching, Steering, Safety Systems, Landing, Assisted Landing, Packing Away.




Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind, Upwind, Reverse, 2-wheel manoeuvres, Flatland 180’s, 360’s, 720’s, Transitions, Ramp Jumps, Aerials, Sidewinders, Rotational Aerials, Kitelooping.





Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Transitions, Toeside Riding, Carving, Jumps, Grabs, Rotations, Riding Blind, Manuals, Pop-Shovits, Pop-Throwits, Foot-Outs, Board-Offs, Foot-Out Back Pass, Ramps/Sliders, Kitelooping, Handlepasses.


Buggy Bike:

Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Slide.





Inline Boarding:

Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Carving, Toeside, Jumps.


Available only on DVD. PAL Format. Region 0 (Plays in all Regions)



Wind Range
Control Bar