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Slingshot Glide

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Slingshot Glide

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  • 161 x 40.0
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Dually Pad System


The Slingshot Glide features a new Trapezoidal tip and tail, which increases the effective edge of the board in the water without increasing the overall size and cumbersome nature of a longer board. This will help riders in light wind keep their upwind position as well as teach more riders how to effectively ride upwind when a smaller and more traditional twin tip simply couldn’t do it.

Light wind enthusiasts challenge marginal conditions in the search for the ultimate soul searching freeride session.

The Glide’s narrow width and longer effective water line ensures adequate surface area that will get you going in the lightest of winds. The narrow outline provides the rider more control over the edge This precision control allows the rider to better manage the power of their kite, creating more apparent wind and results in more speed on the water.

The Glide gets going first, hauls up wind, and is the highest performance board available in the lightwind category. When the wind drops, keep your kite in the air and simply pick up a Glide. It is so versatile and fun to ride you’ll be grinning and ripping as others are packing up to head home. A true session saver.

Advantages such as responsiveness, stability and consistency makes the Slingshot Glide the perfect upwind lightwind board. The Glide is the ideal compliment to any quiver. The simplicity of this board means less kites and more time on the water.

Nothing beats this board in marginal or light wind conditions. If you are in the search for the ultimate soul searching freeride session, your search is over. The Slingshot Glide is your answer!

Key Highlights:
  • Twin tip: made to be ridden both ways
  • FRT Technology - Gives the advantage of even flex that rebounds into insane energy and pop. The FRT technology also makes the core light weight and strong.
  • Atomic core: no heel dents! / added strength / massive pop / increased power. This all-wood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood.
  • Columbian Gold Wood Core / Power, stability, smooth flex and pop
  • Step down side wall construction: increased rider control
  • NEW Block Rail - Super-impact-resistant sidewalls, designed to be incredibly efficient by providing more surface area. Increased durability for shallow, light wind riding.
  • Resin X / Lighter overall weight and exceptional flex, rebound and pop
  • NEW Trapazoidal tip and tail - controlled drive and clean water release
  • Aggressive parallel rails for power and pop
  • Flat rocker for a more aggressive feel, efficient planing and top end speed
  • Squared tip and tail: contributes to more hook up
  • Tunnel concave: adds to overall drive, upwind performance and adds bite to the rail
  • Stance Option: 21.25 in. to 28.50 in.
  • World’s Greenest Board - better for the environment
  • Duraglide base: added durability
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
Package Includes:
  • Slingshot Glide Deck
  • 4 x Slingshot 0.75" G-10 Symmetrical Fins
Slingshot Glide Sizes:

Sizes: 161 x 40.0cm

**Dually Pads sold separately**



Wind Range
Slingshot Dually Pad System:

The Dually pad and strap system includes an advanced dual density ergonomic pad. The new footstrap offers dual zonal technology with 4x4 micro adjustability. Micro adjustment can be used to customize the fore and aft positioning at 4 different points.

The Dually also offers 4 vertical points of adjustment for a customized fit to the contour of your foot.

The possibilities for a custom fit are controlled exclusively by the rider for maximum comfort and control. In addition the Dually includes our new bolt-on baseplate.

It mounts easily to your board and offers limitless duck and stance options.

Key highlights:
  • Dually 4x4 Straps - Custom fit, optimum comfort and performance
  • Dual Density EVA Pad - A softer bottom with a dense top layer for optimal body weight distribution and impact absorption
  • Anti-Slip EVA - Increased texture for better grip and the ultimate rider-board connection
  • Sidewall Foot Bed - Lateral foot support for ultimate board control
  • Splashguard - Keeps water from getting underfoot for a more secure grip
  • Easy Mounting System - Customise stance and duck angles with ease
  • Thermoformed heal and toe ridges - Contoured design and textured with anti-slip grip to increase foot bed traction
Concave Hull:

Provides smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance. This added grip provides traction for riding with speed and power, yet is easy to manage for all ability levels.

Atomic Wood Core:

Sustainably grown Paulownia gives the lively, springy character that Slingshot boards are famous for. Vertically laminated construction harnesses the collective strength of the wood’s grain and provides strength, durability and consistent flex over the life of the board.

Carbon Bedrock Inserts:

The new inserts are a Slingshot exclusive and are designed to offer you a solid connection to a board that still needs to flex. Slingshot use the industry-standard M6 hardware and are reinforced with light-weight, high-strength carbon fibre. With this development, Slingshot's engineers were able to define a new level of performance and durability in twin tip construction. The insert pull strength is increased by 30%, while the overall board weight is cut by 10%.

The World's Greenest Kiteboard:

Slingshot like making sustainable “green” products whenever possible. Green is only cool when you advance the performance of the product because of it. Not the other way around. In this case the boards are super tech and as an added bonus they are the world’s most sustainable board ever made. Here’s how Slingshot do it. No PVC foam. Sustainable wood core. Lowest carbon foot print from forest to factory.

Resin X is the lowest VOC resin available in the market. New science in resin technology also makes Resin X is the greenest resin made today. The factory electricity is produced by locally produced wind power. No airborne solvents are used in the manufacturing process.

No plastic top sheet material. Slingshot has made a commitment to eliminate plastic top skins made from oil. Hopefully this new age of bio resins will reduce the need to invade small helpless countries so we can enjoy our sport.

Single Shot Fusion Rail:

Slingshot now use the same technology found in skateboard wheels, to the rail of their boards. This industry first for kiteboards improves the overall dampening of the board and increases rail durability beyond anything available anywhere. Innovative manufacturing process literally fuses the rail in to the board in one single shot. No staples, tape, glue or seams. The rail literally is one piece of perfection. An another industry first!

4D Graphics:

Another industry first, Slingshot's latest innovation in graphic technology offers unlimited possibilities to the “custom culture” market, and showcases the inside of their boards with virtually clear top and bottom sheets. Every single board on the market has it's own individual look!

Control Bar