Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -
Nobile Fish Skim Foil -

Nobile Fish Skim Foil

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Nobile Fish Skim Foil

$705.00 USD

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  • Board Only With Fins
  • With Zen Freeride Foil
  • With Zen Surf Foil
  • With Zen Race Foil


The Nobile Fish Skim Foil Board is a great board for wave riding, but can also be transformed into a foil board.

The larger size ensures better stability with low winds, heavier users and beginners as well.

Surfing with twin fins on the back gives the board good windward without foil, but it still rides well with foil attached.

The board has a very thin core which lets you put your feet very close to the water or hydrofoil and, as a result, facilitates steering and board feeling.

The deck is covered with EVA foam, ensuring comfort while keeping the right position.

Nobile have also used the CAP construction which has a box-type structure, where the edge of a wooden wedge is fully secured with a laminate. The board is lighter, stiffer and much more resistant to breakage.

The Nobile Fish Skim Foil board can be fitted with straps also.

Nobile Fish Skim Foil Features:
  • Multifunctional board: hydrofoil / freeride.
  • Possibility to attach standard kite fins.
  • Directional shape for better manoeuvres.
  • Board can also let you practice freestyle tricks.
  • Size: 139 x 46.5cm
  • Weight: 3.75kg

The Nobile Fish Skim Foil can also be purchased with the following Zen G-10 Hydrofoil options.

Comes complete with:
  • Board
  • Straps set
  • Fins 40 set
All-Round Wing - 60cm Mast:

Extremely stabile and easy to control. It gains lift quickly which makes it useful also for the beginners. Optimized for medium and high speed.

Freeride - 86cm Mast:

Fitted surface parameters and used profiles provide a freedom of moves in wide spectrum of weather conditions.

Race Wing - 96cm Mast:

Thanks to the big extension mast the resistance is reduced to the absolute minimum. Optimized for maximum speed.


Wind Range
Control Bar