Airtime Fix Kit Screw Valve

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Airtime Fix Kit Screw Valve

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The Airtime Fix Kit screw valve is a standard U-STICK valve with an oversized base designed to replace faulty OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) valves.

The 3 inch diameter base allows you to easily span almost any hole left after removing a faulty valve. A quick simple solution to fix what used to be a fatal problem.

In recent years most major kite brands have had valve failure on some level. Usually these failures consist of a valve that slowly peels off the bladder. You'll be happy to know that all Airtime bladders are manufactured in their own facility in the United States. Airtime can count with one hand the number of valves that have given them trouble since 2000.

While inflating, the one way valve does not allow air to escape, even when the pump nozzle is pulled out.

The extra large opening allows for even the largest kites to be pumped up in minutes. By unscrewing the deflation cap the kite will deflate and be ready to be rolled up in seconds.

The Airlock valve is secured to the leading edge with an “O” ring so the bladder is not able to spin inside of its casing.

The threaded valve cap makes it virtually impossible for the accidental opening of the valve during an impact on land or water.

*Please note these valves can only be used with OEM Bladders.


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