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Airush Freewing Pro -
Airush Freewing Pro -
Airush Freewing Pro -
Airush Freewing Pro -
Airush Freewing Pro -
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Airush Freewing Pro -
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Airush Freewing Pro

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Airush Freewing Pro

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The Airush Freewing Pro is one of the finest-tuned performance wing for wingfoil racing but is still fantastically easy to use for the everyday rider looking to go fast.

The taught X-Ply Canopy combined with a super rigid Ho'okipa Airframe generates the most efficient, direct transfer of energy giving the Pro incredible low-end power, rapid acceleration and maximum top-end speed.

The stiffer canopy material provides amazing stability through maneuverers creating the ultimate race-orientated wing.

The Pro also features an increased aspect ratio generating a more efficient wing, delivering more power in all conditions.

Pro Canopy:

The Pro canopy is built using the super tough, low-stretch X-ply technology. X-ply is the latest development in our quest to improve wing performance through superior materials.

X-ply is a composite material that has 20.5x less bias distortion compared to regular canopy materials – meaning it has minimal stretch or warp and therefore significantly reduces wing deformation. This high-strength composite also has a 6x higher total failure tolerance under extreme load versus traditional composite materials used in wing canopies.

X-ply creates a durable, taught and fast wing canopy that doesn’t stretch over its lifetime and is extra locked in for racing. The X-ply material is designed for impact, so it is able to take on a beating from boards and foils which normally would destroy a canopy.



Size 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0
Weight (kg) 1.7 2.0 2.3 2.6
Wind Range (Knots) 23+ 20-25 16-32 12-26
PSI 14 13 12 11
Wind Range
Durable Low Stretch X-Ply Canopy:

The Pro canopy is built using super tough and low-stretch X-ply composite technology. Designed for impact, the X-ply material is abkle to take on a beating from boards and foils which normally would destroy a canopy.

The durability of the X-ply means it doesn’t warp over time like a traditional canopy maintaining performance throughout the lifetime of the product.

Reduced Weight Ho'okipa Frame:

Developed in conjunction with Challenge Sailcloth, the Ho’okipa Ultra PE fabric is 25% lighter than traditional Dacron leading-edge materials.

The reduced diameter structures and optimized details result in an overall weight saving of up to 30%.

The reduced weight keeps the PRO flying even in the lightest conditions incredibly well and responds quickly to rider input.


High Pressure Leading Edge:

Thanks to the Ho’okipa Ultra PE technology, the PRO’s airframe is able to run at significatly higher pressures compared to a Dacron LE.

Airframes can now be pumped up to 11 – 14 PSI, depending on wing size.

This higher pressure also allows for reduced diameter LE which helps minimize drag whilst still maintaining amazing stiffness to provide a strong low end.

Increased Aspect Ratio:

Helps to generate a more efficient wing giving you more power in all conditions.


High Tension Wing Tips:

Offer improved strength and rigidity under extreme loading improving upwind performance.


Extra Stiff Strut:

Helps to reduce deflection under loading keeping the canopy tight and stable in any conditions.

Wide Handles:

Allow you maximum flexibility to find the optimum handle position for the conditions and are easy to grab when starting.

Oversized Bag:

Bag with additional compartment for pump.

The bag fits both the Pro wing and the pump with ease. It also comes with carrying straps for your convenience.

(Pump not included in Pro package)

Control Bar