Astrojax Learning CD's -
Astrojax Learning CD's -
Astrojax Learning CD's -
Astrojax Learning CD's -

Astrojax Learning CD's

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Astrojax Learning CD's

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While games like diablo or yo-yo have been around for hundreds of years, Astrojax is an entirely new breed of toy, a revolutionary concept with possibilities we are only just starting to understand.

Every day Astrojax players around the world are discovering new tricks and exciting moves we didn't even think were possible. And word is spreading fast that Astrojax is what the real cracks are now playing - a game all about action, rhythm and your own personal style.

Like most great ideas, Astrojax actually seems surprisingly simple: Three weighted foam balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. Yet the construction of Astrojax is very sophisticated. Each ball has a precision-machined metal weight inside the soft, protective foam mantel to provide maximum performance and smooth action while playing. The fast spinning motion of the balls is based on the physical principles of rotational dynamics.

Astrojax Learning CD Volume 1:

Contains more than 30 basic tricks. Each CD comes with 3x special Astro Jax collector's badges.

Astrojax Learning CD Volume 2:

This advanced trick CD includes 50 new tricks from the pros! Includes 3x special Astro Jax collector's badges.


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