C-Skins Hot Wired Hood

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C-Skins Hot Wired Hood

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The C-Skins Hot Wired Surf Hood is the perfect accessory for those cold days on the water!

A team rider favourite for seriously cold waters; featuring Dry Knit lining, Ultra Stretch C-Flex Mesh Skin, double gusset neck seal and a wind/chill resistant Mesh skin. Thermally efficient, waterproof, lightweight and excellent flexibility and fit!

The new DryKnit lining is built up of 2 layers – the outer layer is made using a hollow fibre yarn that is super hydrophobic and insulative, which traps a thin layer of air between your body and the wetsuit and also allows water to quickly pass to the Dry Knit inner layer. Once the water has passed to the Dry Knit inner layer it will quickly drain out of your wetsuit to make a super fast drying and lightweight wetsuit.

Tuck the bottom section of the hood into your wetsuit and the top half of the hood over the top of your wetsuit for a warmer fit with less chance of water entering down your neck after a harsh landing.

The C-Skins Hot Wired Hood Visor also blocks the sun and channels water from your eyes.

  • Dry Knit Lining
  • 100% Double Lined Ultra-Stretch C-Flex Neoprene:
    An exclusive ultra light and super flexible neoprene for unsurpassed freedom of movement.
  • Ultra Stretch C-Flex neoprene
  • Glued and blindstitched
  • Mesh Skin – Gives excellent wind chill reduction
  • Double gusset neck seal
  • Adjustable face pull cord
  • Double layered collar for in & outside of wetsuit
  • 3mm Neoprene
  • Glued and Blindstitched Seams
  • Wind Resistant Smooth Skin Exterior
  • Water Repellancy
  • Rash Protection

Small: (54-56cm)
Medium: (55-56cm)
Large: (57-58cm)
X Large: (58-60cm)


Wind Range
Control Bar