Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -
Cabrinha Flare -

Cabrinha Flare

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Cabrinha Flare

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  • 5`1"
  • 5`4"
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Ultralight Straps


The Cabrinha Flare is specifically designed for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery.

There are days when you just wish your board was turbo charged. For these days you need the Flare. A short and moderately wide outline, a fast rocker line, and a quad fin set up. All the elements needed for sharp turns and quick acceleration.

The wide point forward on the board helps get you up and going and keeps things fun and fresh whether riding waves or taking to the air. The fish tail and quad fin set up give you the forward drive you need to get from section to section, but still be loose and fun when turning off the top.

The 5-fin option allows you to choose the style of riding you prefer. 3 x fin thruster set up for a fun loose feeling board, or the quad set up for a faster more carving ride.

The Flare is the ideal board for small to mid sized waves or no waves at all. It’s perfect for mixing strapless freestyle and sufing in any type of wind conditions. Due to its fast rocker line, the Flare will be your go-to board when the winds are less than perfect.

Cabrinha Surf Ultralight Straps (Optional Accessory):

If you are looking for the most comfortable surfing footstrap on the planet look no further than the Cabrinha surf strap. The Cabrinha surf strap has mirrored the evolution of the surfing trend to meet the needs of the hard core surfer. The symmetrical outline is perfect for riding gooftyfooted or regular on the same board. Developed on the North Shore of Maui, this strap is also perfect for tow-surfing.

Cabrinha 3 x Surf Fins Included:

Cabrinha has developed a set of fins specifically for Cabrinha Surfboards. The materials, foils and templates have all been designed around the unique physics and demands of kitesurfing. This year's surf fins are stepping up the tech.

Cabrinha Flare Features:
  • NEW: IsoFlex - Lightweight fibreglass sandwich construction with PVC deck reinforcement.
  • CNC machined High density EPS core for a precise shape and superior flex characteristics
  • Thinned out rail flow with smooth tuck-line transition for improved carving and control
  • Single concave bottom for a predictable and forgiving ride
  • Wide point forward and straight tail, for efficient control and drive
  • Moderate rocker line for all round performance
  • Rear Traction Pad
  • 4 x Fins
Cabrinha Flare 5'1": 

5'1" x 18.5" x 2.0" (20.5 Litres)

Cabrinha Flare 5'4": 

5'4" x 19.0" x 2.0" (22.0 Litres)



Wind Range
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