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Core Badger

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Core Badger

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  • 4'11
  • 5'2
  • 5'5
  • Board Only
  • FCS II Carver GF Tri Fin Set
  • FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Fin Set
  • FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Fin Set
  • Board Only
  • Front Traction Pad


The compact Core Badger bridges the gap between the 720 and the Ripper. With a lot of volume in the nose and a fish tail, the Badger was specially developed for surfing in small (wind) swell and also has an extremely high freestyle suitability.

The brand new construction of an XPS core and Glass-Soric sandwich is impregnated by infusion - this is unique and guarantees excellent strength of the board. We are looking forward to the feedback from the scene.

In general, a fishtail takes up some space from the tail and lengthens the rail. The result is that a fish can be "forced" extremely well into small, snappy turns, but also the long rail with the small radius ensures that wide radius can be surfed with a lot of grip and high speed. 

Who is the board designed for:

If you want epic freestyle sessions in onshore mush or poor wind swell waves - then this board will make wave riding much more enjoyable!

Riding Style: 

Freestyle / Freeride

Skill Level: 

Beginner / Expert

Core Badger Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • 4'11" - Riders 45-65kg (17.3 Litres)
  • 5'2" - Riders 55-80kg (19.7 Litres)
  • 5'5" - Riders 80kg+ (22.6 Litres)
Optional Accessories (sold separately):
  • FCS II Carver GF Tri Set
  • FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set
  • FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set
  • Front Traction Pad
  • Centre Traction Pad

* Rear Traction Pad Included


Wind Range
Hybrid Hull:

The spine in the nose provides extreme smoothness, soft landings and minimizes the risk of diving in the chop. The transition into a double concave ensures that the rocker in the middle section is kept low, while the rails have a higher rocker. This allows for tighter turns than classic fish shapes. The Vee in the tail gives the Badger a lot of control and a smooth transition from rail to rail.

Flat Rocker:

The Badger has a flat entry, middle and exit rocker for particularly early planing. In addition, it gives the board a very controllable edging in the bottom turn as well as before the jump.

Grab Rails:

Slightly indicated grab rails underline the Badger’s freestyle suitability.

Ultra Rigid Construction:

In terms of construction, the Badger differs from the other surfboards. The waterproof XPS core has an enormously high compressive strength. It is encased in fiberglass and in the deck additionally reinforced with a Soric layer, which gives the core much better durability and makes it almost impossible to leave dents.

Carbon Tailpatch:

The carbon reinforced tail protects against bumps and breaks - by its partial use the board maintains its good flex in the tail and the whole board stays nice and light.

Level One Verified Ecoboard:

Making high-performance products more sustainable is a good thing. Feel-good boards incorporate sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint.

Thruster Fin Setup:

To realize a loose character, pronounced turning pleasure and a light takeoff via rolling kickers, the Badger is equipped with a classic thruster setup.

Original FCS II Fin System:

The FCS-II system allows the fins to be changed within a few seconds – without the need for tools. Of course, older generations of FCS fins can also be mounted with a grub screw.

Control Bar