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Core Green Room

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Core Green Room

£1,149.00 GBP

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  • 5'6
  • 5'8
  • 5'10
  • 6'0
  • Board Only
  • FCS II Carver GF Tri Fin Set
  • FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Fin Set
  • FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Fin Set
  • Board Only
  • Surf Straps
  • Front Traction Pad + Surf Straps
  • Front Traction Pad


The Green Room 3 is the performance surfboard of the Core range, suitable for medium to large waves and experienced wave kiters who want to refine their precious down-the-line rides with high speed and maximum control. Due to the enormous gliding properties, the board takes the elevator back to the peak immediately afterwards.

The EPS composite sandwich has been given a new top deck made of the lighter T10 PET, which has excellent stiffness and strength and is therefore extremely robust against impacts.

Despite its small volume and narrow outline, the Green Room is extremely pleasant to ride. Super controlled by the long edge with extremely good gliding and vertical running properties. Yes, it's narrow, but cuts through butter choppy water like a warm knife. At the same time, it allows bottom turns with enormous speed and delivers more than an impressive grip for radical manoeuvre in big waves.

Who is the board designed for:

If you want epic sessions in over the head waves, this is for you!

Riding Style: 


Skill Level: 

Intermediate / Expert

Core Green Room Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Green Room - 5'6" - Riders 50-65kg (19.2 Litres)
  • Green Room - 5'8" - Riders 65-75kg (20.4 Litres)
  • Green Room - 5'10" - Riders 70-90kg (23.6 Litres)
  • Green Room - 6'0" - Riders 80kg+ (23.3 Litres)
Optional Accessories (sold separately):
  • FCS II Carver GF Tri Set
  • FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set
  • FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set
  • Core Directional Footstraps
  • Front Traction Pad
  • Centre Traction Pad

* Rear Traction Pad Included


Wind Range
HD Foam Core:

Water-resistant, high-density polystyrene foam with better flex characteristics than standard foam. HD foam is the only way to go.

Level One Verified Ecoboard:

Making high-performance products more sustainable is a good thing. Feel-good boards incorporate sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint.

EPS Composite Sandwich:

The composite PET (polyethylene terephthalate) foam and E-glass sandwich is not only durable but it’s also made from recycled plastic bottles. The Hexagon HD foam Core uses feature channels that link the top and bottom glass layers forming a superstructure that’s strong, durable, and ideal for high load areas like under your feet.

Big Wave Outline:

With less volume and width, the Green Room is a handful to ride but the payoff is worth the effort. It tames big waves with confidence inspiring high speed (toeside) bottom turns, excellent acceleration, and grip on the wavefront. 

3D Hull:

The board features a light, single concave hull that transitions into a Vee towards the tail. It’s the perfect prescription for tight, controlled bottom turns on big, scary waves. And, of course, hugging the sidewall when entering the green room!

Round Pintail:

Maximum traction and control. The Green Room’s round pin tail rides deeper and has a longer, straighter rail that improves control at speed. Pronounced tail kick promotes carving control and reduces pearling. 

Tucked Under Rails:

The hand shaped rails feature a new thinner, sharper, “tucked under” rail design that releases water better yet maintains the classic smooth and forgiving ride you’d expect from a glass board. The central 60/40 tucked under rail transitions seamlessly into a hard tail rail to provide greater maneuverability.

Strap Ready:

The deck is fitted with multiple stainless steel V4A inserts. 

Progressive Rocker:

The Green Room features a 3 stage progressive rocker with a fast, flat middle similar to the Ripper 4. The Green Room 2’s front rocker comes in at 114mm, 8.3mm more than the Ripper 4 to reduce pearling on super steep wave faces. The rear rocker is 6mm greater than Ripper 4 to improve carving.

Blunt Nose:

We file it off because, in the long run, the trademark blunt nose is safer, more durable, and just plain cool. The Green Room fits in board bags better, travels better and, hopefully, won’t leave a mark.

Thruster Fin Setup:

The Green Room continues with the classic three fin thruster setup for a looser feel. Thrusters are well known to turn tighter than quads and release easier for cleaner moves off the lip.

Original FCS II Fin System:

CORE carries over the Original FCS II fin box system on the Green Room. FCS II is the keyless fin system that enables 2-second fin changes without tools. It’s wise to stick with the global standard in fin boxes for the day you lose a fin on your favorite reef. Because it’s backward compatible (in that it still retains grub screws to secure any old FCS fin you or your friends may have), you will be back on the water in no time. Now that’s progress. 

Control Bar