Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com
Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings - Kiteshop.com

Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings

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Duotone Boot Kite / Wakestyle Bindings

£399.00 GBP

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  • Size 4 - 5 (Euro 37 - 38)
  • Size 5.5 (Euro 39)
  • Size 6.5 - 7 ( Euro 40 -41)
  • Size 8 (Euro 42)
  • Size 9 -9.5 ( Euro 42 - 43)
  • Size 10 ( Euro 45)


If you’re riding in boots, you know what’s your style. And for exactly that style, this completely new designed Duotone Boot 2020 is especially made for! By utilizing the benefits of a new baseplate construction, the boot obtained a super direct and very responsive connection to the baseplate and board.

Due to reinforcements at all areas with a lot of wear, the new additionally stiffened shell construction of the Duotone Boot provides ultimate support and maximum control for a long time!

The ergonomically high impact resistant footbed delivers incredible comfort and a lot of support during the hardest moves and massive landings, absorbing shock and stabilizing your foot exactly when you need it the most.

An especially designed TPU triangle is functioning as a heel lock in the ankle area and provides the rider with a safe, comfortable and locked in feel when charging. Whatever situation you get yourself in, you can rely on your boots.

The new, frictionless eyelets allow for a quick and easy on/off, whilst the updated closing system features both laces and removable velcro straps for solid closing.

The reworked toe area creates an incredibly comfortable and more streamlined fit, as well as eliminating any chances of pinching or creasing in and around the foot.

The TPU reinforced ballistic nylon Tongue erases potential pressure points, whilst the reinforced heel retention strap firmly holds the back of the foot in place.

Designed specifically for kiteboarding and it's medium stiffness not only offers outstanding support with maximum heel hold, but also allows for freedom of movement and as much flex as the rider commands.


Baseless System:
Using a revolutionary baseless system - the original low profile design has superior board control and is ultra light for reduced overall swing weight - often imitated never duplicated.

The only separation between a rider's foot and a Duotone board is the high impact shock absorbing footbed. The Duotone Boot Baseless System makes the boot 1/3 lower in height and 1/3 lighter!

The Duotone Boot superior super rigid chassis mounts to the universal 6" hole pattern reducing heel / toe lift and maximising energy transfer.

Medium Density Liner:
A medium density liner blending mobility and precision board control.

Double Lasted:
Double lasted with the most low profile and compact lasts eliminate excess material and deliver optimal energy transfer between boot and board.

Building a last of a wakeboarder’s foot and simulating the movement while riding is the most critical tool in creating boots that fit properly. A last is an aluminum cavity that replicates every component of a foot determining the shape and size of the liner and a finished boot. This foundation is developed through an extensive R&D process based on what we determine will produce the best in fit and performance. Double lasting creates an exact fit from your foot to the shell of the boot for the best in comfort and response. Ronix use the most compact and low profile lasts to reduce bulk and eliminate any unnecessary material.

Part One - Duotone's first unique lasting process is molding the liner around a last designed to the shape of an actual foot and leg. This step ensures the inside of the liner will have a great fit right out of the box. These are formed inside an actual shell to create the perfect net fit between liner and boot.

Part Two - The second part of the Duotone's Boot's lasting process is molding the inside of the shell. This creates a liner to shell coupling that eliminates any “dead space” or “hot spots”. After the second lasting, the previously molded liners are inserted into the shell and the boots are ready to ride.

Secures your ankle and maximizes heel hold. The feetbelt seats your foot into the correct position in the boot by drawing your foot into the heel pocket. These feetbelts float free of the outer shell to conform to the exact dimensions of your ankles. Heel hold down to a new level, don't worry you won't get pulled over if your feetbelt isn't buckled.

Tooless Mounting System:
Throw your screwdriver away with our tool less mounting system.

Why go to 6" Wakeboard Boot Plates?
6” patterns are now standard on many bindings and boards. 6” binding plates are lighter, stronger and have less torsional flex.

* Riders can choose to use both inside and outside mounting locations on Strata track boards. Four additional Strata track t-nuts will be required.

You have 6” binding plates and a wake or kiteboard with an 8” hole pattern. Are they compatible?
Yes, Liquid Force, CWB and Ronix have binding plate extenders that allow you the full range of stance options.

How do I measure my inserts?
Wakeboard Insert Spread refers to the hole pattern on your wakeboard or kiteboard. It is the distance from any hole in the outer group of holes to the corresponding hole in the inner group for each boot mounting area (either Left or Right). Both Hyperlite Strata and Slingshot Fastrack Mounting Systems have infinite stance options.

Duotone Boot / Shoe Sizes



Duotone Boots Complete With:

  • 1 Pair of Boots
  • 4 x M6 Screws (17mm Length)
  • 4x Ring Washers


Wind Range
Control Bar