F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com
F-One Halo - Kiteshop.com

F-One Halo

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F-One Halo

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  • 15.0m
  • 19.0m
  • 8.0m
  • 10.0m
  • 12.0m
  • Kite Only
  • Linx Foil Control Bar


The F-One Halo is a ram-air kite designed to enjoy the pure feeling of flying a kite in all conditions and on all terrain, whether you are at the beach going for a freeride lightwind session, a ride on the slopes or on a mountain board, the HALO is a sporty kite which is rewarding to fly.

Intuitive and forgiving, the kite requires less control input as its aspect ratio is adapted to each size which makes up for all wind variations. The kite goes naturally forward in the window with each gust. This allows a comfortable ride with no efforts.

It is very reliable and exceptionally maneuverable. The kites are available in 8, 10, 12, 15  and 19 m². All sizes have a huge wind range. You can ride relaxed knowing that you’ll be fine even if the wind picks up or goes down. The smaller sizes are ideal for carving on a foil. The bigger sizes will satisfy all your light wind sessions, whether you’re on your foil or even on a Twintip or a surfboard.

It is built from 38g canopy material with insignia half circle reinforcement on every attachment point to increase the durability.

The Halo will be your best travel companion as it is much lighter and takes less room than an inflatable kite. The compression bag has been thought to fold the kite only once and has backpack straps.

The Halo is available with the new F-One Foil bar equipped with stiff lines. The control bar is thin and the grip extremely is comfortable. With its depower, the Foil bar gives the Halo a whole new dimension as it is perfectly tuned for this kite.


The choice of the fabrics, the construction, and the high quality controls are direct descendants from high end paraglider production. The need for control is greater for foil kites because the body and bridles are more complicated and demand high precision.

Stability and Ease of Use: 

Not only to target high performance but also to have a kite that is easy to use for everyone.

Bar Feeling: 

For some riders getting into foil kiting it is a new experience so F-One wanted to have a bar feeling as close as what they are used to having with inflatable kites.

The F-One Halo is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly with:
  • F-One Halo Kite
  • F-One Foil Control Bar
  • Leash-less riding safety system
  • Halo Backpack
  • Detailed manual

Sizes: 8m, 10m, 12m - Red / Orange
Sizes: 15m, 19m - Lime / Green


Wind Range
Size Wind Range (Knots)
8.0m 12-25
10.0m 11-23
12.0m 10-21
15.0m 8-19
19.0m 6-15
Control Bar
F-One Foil Control Bar:

The new Foil Bar is slim and lightweight, the clean design of the bar allows a comfortable and controlled ride.

In order to reduce drag and increase performance, the floats are removable.

Made with a high density polyethylene sheath to reduce wear when sheeting in and out.

The hoist made of a fixed F-One pulley and a Ronstan® pulley with ball bearing system allows a precise tuning with no efforts.

The leader lines are adjustable from the knot scale inside the floats.

The Foil Bar offers reliable safety functions such as the manual swivel on top of the quick release as well as the release set up on a single line and delivered with a short 40cm safety leash.

F-One Halo Control Bar Sizes:

8m-12m: 50cm Control Bar
15-19m: 60cm Control Bar