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Flysurfer Viron

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Flysurfer Viron

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The Flysurfer Viron 3 is safe, intuitive and comfortable. The Viron 3 makes getting started in kiting even easier and safer. Intuitive handling for playful learning, simply unpack and get started. A playful introduction to kitesports on the land, water or snow!

Harness your enthusiasm from the first minute. Maximise your learning curve with this unique depower foil kite concept allowing you to quickly build trust whilst the B-Safe system keeps you safe.

The Viron 3 allows riders with the necessary basic knowledge, to develop their own experience in dealing with wind and water and to spend more time with their kite allowing them to progress faster. The thick profile and lower aspect ratio of the wing decrease lift whilst the flattening of the leading edge reduces the lift/drag ratio.

These design characteristics mean reduced acceleration within the power zone and therefore moderate power development to facilitate control. The spherical shape of the Viron 3 is perfect for relaunching, preventing quick leewards drifting.

The integrated B-Safe system reefs the kite in an emergency situation, therefore minimizing wing area and a resulting loss of power. Riders tend to benefit from these design features as they help to prevent common situations when learning, which can be very stressful.

Easy Relaunch:

When it comes to relaunch, Flysurfer set a new kiteboarding benchmark with the Viron 3. The Flysurfer Viron 3 is the first kite to incorporate Auto-Relaunch. Even in low winds, when letting go of the bar, the kite skims automatically across the water and remains parked and ready at the edge of the window. With just a simple steering impulse, the Viron 3 flies on. Furthermore Flysurfer have built a special bridle into the kite that makes it practically impossible to get tangled on the water.

Easy and Simple Handling:

The Viron 3 delivers exactly the flight feeling you need for a safe entry into the sport. With all the functions and handling of a full-grown kitesurfing kite but with moderate power, the Viron is at home wherever maximum safety and reliability are required. With gentle bar pressure and progressive bar feedback. Bothersome, long steering paths are unknown to the Viron, you have access to the entire depower throw within an arms length. The Viron is the result of Flysurfer's constant attempt to construct a kite resistant to all operating errors. Including endless hard landings on the water.

Flysurfer Viron Package:

The Flysurfer Viron Complete version comes with the following:

  • Flysurfer Viron 3 Kite
  • Flysurfer Viron 3 Backpack
  • Flysurfer 4-Line Connect Control bar with 17 + 4m lines


Wind Range
Size Wind Range (55kg) Wind Range (75kg)
4.0m 24-34 28-40
6.0m 20-30 23-35
8.0m 17-26 20-30
B-Safe System:

The B-Safe System is guided through sliding rings outwards along the A-Level. After activating the quick release, the bar slides up the 5th line and the kite is reefed horizontally in the middle.

This removes the pressure in the kite and allows it to come down powerless through the wind window. The VIRON3 can be reactivated upon demand and is immediately ready to re-launch.

Simple Bridle Concept (A+Z:

The Simple Bridle Concept has an A-level bridle, as well as brake level bridle (Z) and comes without a mixer (pulley system). The direct connection of the flying lines, achieves light bar forces for easy handling.

The kite uses pulleys on each wingtip to improve feedback when steering. The excellent depower is significantly supported by the flattening of the leading edge which reduces lift.

This combination of features never lets the VIRON3 accelerate abruptly, which greatly increases control in stronger winds and makes the kite more predictable.

Impact Absorbing Technology:

Durability and quality are essential for training use. The VIRON has a special material mix that features double stiched seams, reinforced ribs and straps at load points.

Elastic, air-permeable mesh panels are integrated in the chambers to absorbs the impact energy.

The top and bottom sail is made out of our proven 32g DLX+ fabric (Double Rip Stop).

Auto Relaunch:

The Viron 3 is the only closed-cell foil kite to have such an effective auto-relaunch.

The kites outline and thick profile mean the Viron 3 can be relaunched with very little effort simply by turning the bar.

Ideal for children!

Self- Inflatable:

Flysurfer significantly improved the inflation of the Viron 3 by including a sharknose in the leading edge and integrate rigid foils around the air intake valve.

These allow the kite to form its wing profile faster and maintains optimal dynamic pressure during turning. The start and (water) restart is faster and kite control further increased.

Automatic Drainage System:

The Viron 3 has a large air intake that reaches up to the trailing edge and largely prevents possible ingress of water.

The drainage system is integrated into the whole trailing edge of the kite and ends in the form of hand-wide openings at both wing tips.

This allows water and sand to drain automatically from the kite, without affecting the kite’s flying behaviour.

Control Bar
Flysurfer Connect Control Bar:

The Flysurfer Connect Bar is specially designed with a high Y split on the front lines and a 5th line for the B-Safe system. The lightweight bar stick has a conical shape which sits comfortably in the hand. The EVA grip is colour coded, orange for left and petrol for right. The soft bar ends reduce risk of injury and allow for easy line adjustment. The clam cleat helps riders to maximize comfort and safety by adjusting the power precisely.

The Connect Bar is equipped with our Quick Release 3.0 chickenloop. Maintenance is simple and easy. The One Hole eyelet in the centre of the bar features a replaceable insert.

Weighing in at just 0.84 kg

Quick Release:

The Quick Release 3.0 (QR 3.0) is the core of the bar. It not only meets the French standard (AFNOR) in terms of safety and trigger forces, it is also extremely robust, compact, lightweight and of course reliable. A flexible, unbreakable Chicken Dick and a new ergonomic handle allow a quick and easy release of the kite in an emergency situation.

Light Bar Stick:

The Light Bar Stick is available in 50cm (M) and weighs in at just 0.34kg.

The ergonomic EVA grip is abrasion resistant and extremely comfortable in the hand offering a secure grip even in cold or wet conditions.

The bar is also colour coded orange on the left hand side and petrol on the right.

Clam-Cleat Adjuster:

The Clam-Cleat Adjuster allows for precise depower adjustment of the flying lines. This gives the user the option to regulate the depower function quick and effortlessly.

With the new Clam-Cleat adjuster the depower throw can also be adapted to your arm length.

Exchangeable One-Hole Eyelet:

The One Hole eyelet offers frictionless steering whilst depowering and works perfectly for freeriders to kite schools.

This is achieved using a replaceable insert in the eyelet.

B-Safe System Ready:

The Connect Control Bar has been specially configured for products using the B-Safe system. After activating the quick release, the bar slides up the 5th line and the kite is reefed horizontally in the middle. This removes the pressure in the kite and allows it to come down powerless through the wind window. 

Tuning Options:

The flying lines can be adjusted easily under the bar floaters. A series of knots allow you to counteract the shortening of the steering lines over time which can cause backstall.

To shorten the flying lines of the Connect control bar to 14m, the 7m extension pieces can be removed by pulling them over the leader lines, the safety will still work as normal.