MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com
MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III - Kiteshop.com

MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III

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MBS Pro - Dylan Warren III

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They say three is the magic number and the new MBS Pro Warren III mountainboard is no exception.

With unprecedented configurability your wish is it's command. With its multiple truck mounting options you can set it up long and low for maximum speed and stability (116cm length) or short and high for the nimblest freestyle board MBS has ever produced (110cm length), or somewhere in between for that all-around vibe (112/114cm).

In the turning department the new Matrix III's multiple shock block position options (inside/outside) doubles the range of turning resistance of any other truck in the market. With shock blocks in the inside position the lightest of riders can turn on a dime, even without bindings.

At the other end of the spectrum riders with a need for speed will find unprecedented stability with their shock blocks in the outside position (straight, no chaser). And the best part is, the range of options in between is limitless. One board finally does it all!

MBS Pro Warren Deck:

MBS have redesigned the core and lay-up to make this deck stiffer, stronger, and poppier than ever before. Full composite snowboard construction with a vertically laminated multi-species wood core and polyurethane sidewalls. Flat PBT base ideal for rail slides. Comfortable shock absorbing grip pads with 8mm radial concave and 36 grit top surface lock you in! And a ton of other features that make this deck something special.

MBS White (Medium) Eggshocks:

Intended to add stability. For a stiff ride while downhill and big air riding.

MBS Matrix III Channel Truck System:

Precise and durable. The original adjustable bullet-proof MBS truck system. On-the-fly 4mm hex key adjustment dials the truck suspension to exact tension.

MBS Rockstar II Hub Set:

With the highest strength to weight ratio of any injection-molded hub on the market, unprecedented impact resistance, and increased stiffness to handle higher tire pressure (up to 80psi depending on tire rating) the MBS RockStar II Hub is going to make many riders very happy.

MBS T1 All-Terrain Tyres:

MBS's 8" custom molded tread pattern. Lightweight. Superior traction.

MBS F5 Ratchet Bindings:

MBS have redesigned the internal structure to improve the comfort of the strap perimeter whilst maintaining the core rigidity that gives the F4 bindings such amazing control. Riders will love the new ladder tunnels that trap excess ladder strap to prevent pant-leg hang-ups and the two-point ratchet connections that eliminate ratchet swivel for the most solid binding feel possible. The newly contoured compression-molded EVA underside provides the perfect blend of grip, comfort, and control. And if that isn't enough, the look of this binding alone is worth the upgrade. Using internal mounting T-nuts to keep the mounting hardware as clean and low profile as possible.

  • Matrix III Channel Trucks
  • Rockstar II Hubs
  • White (Medium) Shockblocks
  • Stiff RCC Construction Deck
  • Lowered deck for lower centre of gravity
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • T1 8" lightweight tyres
  • F5 Ratchet Bindings with aluminium L-brackets
  • Overall Weight: 15.9 (lb) / 7.2 (kg)
  • Overall Length (Variable): 43.7 – 46.0 (in) / 111 - 117 (cm)
  • Axle to Axle Length (Variable): 35.8 – 38.2 (in) / 91 – 97 (cm)
  • Deck Construction: Snowboard Composite Construction
  • Deck Stiffness: Stiff with High Pop
  • Graphic Material: PBT
  • Grip Tape: 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
  • Deck Tip Angle: 30
  • Deck Length 38.6 (in) / 98 (cm)
  • Deck Width (Max): 9.6 (in) / 24.4 (cm)
  • Deck Weight: 5.8 (lb) / 2.6 (kg)
  • Truck Type: Matrix III
  • Truck Material: Extruded 6061-T6 Alum Top Truck and Hanger; Cromoly axle
  • Truck Color: Black (Matte)
  • King Pin: M6 (Cromoly)
  • Suspension: Matrix III Shock Blocks (White - Soft)
  • Axle Width: 15.8 (in) / 40 (cm)
  • Axle Diameter: .472 (in) / 12 (mm) - Hollow
  • Hub Type: Rock Star II
  • Color: Black
  • Accepts Bearing Size (OD): 28mm
  • Bearing: 12mm X 28mm
  • Tire Type: T1 (8") – 200X50
  • Tire Color: Black
  • Binding Type: F5 - Black
  • Hardware Type – Black Zinc / Stainless


Length (cm)
Truck Style (inch)
Hub Type
Binding Type
Deck Type
Wheel Diameter (inch)
Matrix Channel
Composite RCC


MBS Pro Mountainboard Overall Dimensions:
Rider Style
Pro Freestyle
Overall Weight
7.2kg / 15.9lbs
Overall Length
111-117cm / 43-46 inches
Axle to Axle Length
91-97cm / 35-38 inches


MBS Pro Mountainboard Deck Dimensions:
Deck Construction
Reverse Cap Composite (Wood Core / Fibreglass Wrap)
Deck Stiffness
5 / 5
Graphic Material
Grip Tape
46 Grit Aluminium Oxide
Deck Tip Angle
Deck Length
98.0cm / 38.6 inches
Deck Width
23.0cm / 9.1 inches
Deck Weight
2.6 kg / 5.8lb


MBS Pro Mountainboard Truck Dimensions:
Truck Type
Matrix III
Truck Material
Cold Forged 6061-T6 Alum Hanger with Cromoly axle; CNC 6061-T6 Top Truck
Truck Colour
Black Anodize / MBS Print
King Pin
M6 (Cromoly)
White Shockblocks
Axle Width
40.0cm / 15.8 inches
Axle Diameter


MBS Pro Mountainboard Hub Dimensions:
Hub Type
Rock Star Pro Aluminium
Accepts Bearing Size (outer diameter)
Bearing Size
12 x 28mm
Red Shockblocks
Axle Width
40.0cm / 15.8 inches
Axle Diameter


MBS Pro Mountainboard Tyre Dimensions:
Tyre Type
T1 (8")
Tyre Colour


MBS Pro Mountainboard Binding Dimensions:
Binding Type
F5 Pro - Black


MBS Pro Mountainboard Other Dimensions:

Hardware Type

Stainless / Zinc Plated

Grab Handle
Not Included / Drilling Required
Brake Compatible
Brake Included
Component Pack


Wind Range
Control Bar