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Naish Traverse

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Naish Traverse

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  • 138 x 41.0
  • 144 x 42.5
  • 152 x 43.5
  • Board Only With Fins
  • Apex Bindings


The Naish Traverse is built to cover it all. Inspired by a true freeride mentality, the board is comfortable and playful, while maintaining a locked-in feel for carving, boosting, and hitting the park. With input from Ewan Jaspan, the board is the ultimate all-around option with a focus on keeping fun at the top of the list.

The Traverse features a unique long grippy rail with rounded ends to lock into your carves, producing long drawn-out lines in the water. This year, Naish made the outline slightly narrower in the middle and wider in the tips for increased control at speed.

The new outline in combination with a continuous rocker makes for easier control in chop and allows for aggressive pop with soft landings. The Traverse is a perfect one board solution that can handle anything you can throw at it, whether you’re into freestyle, waves or cruising.

Made for maximizing fun on the water and taking freeriding to the next level, this board offers a whole new underfoot feel.

Skill Level: 

Intermediate / Expert

Naish Traverse Kiteboard - Length / Width:
  • Naish Traverse - 138 x 41.0cm
  • Naish Traverse - 144 x 42.5cm
  • Naish Traverse - 152 x 43.5cm
Naish Traverse Construction:
  • Supreme Pop Wood Core - Unmatched reflex characteristics
  • High Tensile Gradated Laminates - Durability + lightweight tips
Complete with:
  • Grab Handle
  • Naish IXEF Fins

Naish Apex Bindings sold separately.



Wind Range
Naish Apex Kiteboard Foot Bindings:

The Apex binding provides maximum comfort, lateral support and multiple stance and duck options, in one easy-to-assemble package.

The Apex is designed with maximum adjustment settings and superior comfort for feet of any size and shape. It is the ultimate ergonomic binding for all styles of twin-tip riding.

New overlapping strap design providing size adjustment in width as well as height. Dual Velcro adjusters easily conform to any foot size and keep the upper-strap padding centred on the foot.

Molded side wings set the proper angle to the top of the rider’s foot. This keeps the strap positioned and provides lateral foot support.

New design with “wake-boots outside” for amazing support and “foot-strap inside” for heel angle freedom.

New double strap adjustment feature to trim the angle of the foot-strap top for optimal fit.

Soft in the heel and centre area for full shock absorption where the rider lands the most. Stiffer on the edge to keep the foot centered on landing.

New overlapping strap design providing size adjustment in width as well as height.

New molded foot-bed for increased cushioning.

Complete with a inlaid high-grip texture to keep the riders foot from slipping out or sliding deeper into the strap on hard landings.

Control Bar