Naish Triad
Naish Triad
Naish Triad
Naish Triad
Naish Triad
Naish Triad
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Naish Triad
Naish Triad
Naish Triad

Naish Triad

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Naish Triad

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The Naish Triad is for riders who want the ultimate wave kite in all conditions. Its impressive wind range has been enhanced with the Synergy Bridle System, a quick and easy bridal adjustment system that gives riders the freedom to switch between surfboard and twin-tip riding modes.

The smooth transition into its squared-off wingtips has been redesigned to increase drift down the line, making it an absolute dream for wave riders. Its new-found agility, coupled with its large wind range, makes manoeuvering through tricky sections of waves a breeze. The Triad maintains its easy-to-use sheet-in-and-go performance with its deep draft and luff strut. The “Swift Tip” wingtip design makes the kite stronger and lighter overall.

The Triad has been designed with durability and performance in mind, making it your favourite kite for years to come. This multifaceted kite is the complete package, offering intuitive handling, a responsive bar feel, and great surf performance. Get ready to transform your riding with the new Triad!

Its low aspect ratio and gradual curve in the wingtip produce smooth turns and very predictable flying. This is perfect for anyone who prefers steady movements over a more punchy kite. Mistakes are minimal with the Triad, so no need to worry if you oversheet it, dive it too hard, or overfly your kite. It also has great wing stability when resting on the water—so you have plenty of time to make adjustments before relaunching.

Smooth-flying, stable and forgiving, the Triad gives riders plenty of time to react and plenty of room to grow, so you’re in complete control at all times. From complete beginners, to kiters looking to improve, to those seeking an easy-riding experience, anyone looking for an easy to control kite will enjoy the Triad.

Naish Triad Depower:

The Naish Triad is a kite that depowers by flying to the edge of the window. Compared to other kites, the Triad’s foil profile is thinner, and its Leading Edge diameter is smaller.

These two characteristics allow the kite to fly further forward in the window, and get there fast. This gives it the ability to depower quickly.

Key Features:
  • Synergy Bridle System
  • Profile Lock Seam
  • Lightweight Aerodynamic Bridle Lines
  • Bladder Cap Construction
  • Squared-off wing tips
  • Swift Tips
  • Luff Strut
  • Diagonal Load Seam
  • Trailing-Edge Flutter Dispersion
  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric
  • Progressive Profile
  • Thermoformed Bumpers 
  • Aramid Patches
  • HT Plus Seam


Wind Range
Synergy Bridle System:

Quick and easy bridle adjustments allow the kite to transform so you can dial in the performance you are looking for when wave riding or riding a twin tip.

Profile Lock Seam:

The new seam along the high point in the kites profile provides extra support in the profile, giving you a more locked-in consistent feel, exactly where it should be, and keeping that form over time.

Lightweight Aerodynamic Bridle Lines:

TLS 500 bridle lines aid efficiency through the air and break the water surface tension for a smooth relaunch.

Bladder Cap Construction:

The new wingtip bladder is designed to withstand higher leading-edge pressures.

Squared-off wing tips:

Increased drift down the line for wave riding.

Swift Tips:

The new wingtip construction is 30% stronger than previous versions while being lighter and using less dacron. The canopy now extends all the way to the Leading Edge, giving the kite a more streamlined look and performance benefits such as more direct turning. 

Luff Strut:

The luff strut provides an adaptable framework for better low-end power.

Diagonal Load Seam:

Distributes kite tension for a more powerful and well-balanced kite.

Trailing-Edge Flutter Dispersion: 

The trailing edge has a 2-ply QuadTex construction with flutter patterns, giving a tighter canopy and enhanced durability.

Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric:

The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric is the strongest and stiffest canopy on the market. Quad-Tex withstands punishing conditions while maintaining high-performance characteristics over the long term.

Progressive Profile:

Evolving the profile along the wingspan allows the centre sections of the kite to generate power while the flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning.

Thermoformed Bumpers:

Protect your kite from wear and tear when launching and landing.

Aramid Patches:  

Provide protection and reinforcement to the seams on the leading edge.

HT Plus Seam:

High-tenacity thread strengthens the leading edge along the seam, allowing you to confidently inflate your kite to a higher pressure for better flying performance.

Control Bar
Naish Torque Control Bar System

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Naish Torque 2 System.

The Torque 2 bar takes the proven design of the original version and refines it with new grips and floaters, new PU-coated trim lines which feel smoother on your hands and reduce wear, a new slimmer one-piece trim cleat, and a new stopper ball to limit release throw.

The all new SnapLock quick release puts safety and efficiency as the top priorities, while adding click in simplicity and modularity with different loop sizes. The Torque 2 bar takes the proven design of the original version and refines it with new grips and floaters, new PU coated trim lines which feel smoother on your hands and reduce wear, a new slimmer one piece trim cleat, and a new stopper ball to limit release throw.

A 4-line or 5-line control system in a simple ergonomic layout. The 3m single centre line split allows the removal of heavy parts and allows the front line flagging leash and optional 5th Line Kit to function efficiently.

The Naish Control bar comes standard with the Smart Loop, auto-orienting sheeting loop, and optional sliding stopper.

The result is a simple and functional control system that provides the rider with greater confidence in its functionality in all situations.

With a greatly improved “through the bar” front line leash system, and new larger floaters, the ATB Control System is more streamlined and functional than ever before.

All kite sizes can be flown with the same bar.

Key Features:
  • Snap Lock Release Mechanism
  • Modular Loop System
  • Line System
  • Adjustable Width
  • Dual Density EVA Grip with Memory Core
  • Flex-Float
  • Flagging Line Stopper Ball
  • External Flagging Line
  • Simple Line Organizer
  • TLS400 Flying Lines
  • 1-Piece Cleat
  • PU-Sheathed Trim Lines
  • Hard Anodized Center Insert



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