Nobile Fulcrum Depower Line -
Nobile Fulcrum Depower Line -

Nobile Fulcrum Depower Line

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Nobile Fulcrum Depower Line

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Nobile’s Fulcrum Depower Quick Release line has been designed to fit snuggly into the INOX centre hole in the bar thus ensuring the loop is always facing you during freestyle moves for fast hooking in again. Ease of use has been further enhanced through the use of a solid molded loop that can neither deform nor twist.

The Nobile Fulcrum depower line system has been designed so that replacement of a worn de-power line can be done quickly and easily without replacing the unit itself.

Simply unscrew and remove the leashline / 5th line attachment ring and then remove the quick release handle. The new line can be fed through the retaining piece and then the unit re-assembled.

Due to the unique design of the fulcrum, the pressure needed to open the quick release remains constant irrespective of the loads placed upon it (unlike cantilever based systems where the pressure needed to open the release increases as the load on the unit increases). Uniquely, the system can be re-set quickly and easily after use even with only one hand - simply push the loop piece back onto the retainer and slide the release handle back down.

Finally the whole unit has been designed to allow a quick and easy change of worn out de-power lines without the need to replace the whole quick release system.


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