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Nobile NT5

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Nobile NT5

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The Nobile NT5 is designed to rise your riding to the next level in the easiest way available, a perfect freeride combination from the beginner to advanced rider. The NT5 is the multiuniversal machine that makes your progress faster and more effective.

Optimized to work in all conditions, the NT5 is a freeride board that is as happy on butter-flat lakes as it is in choppy seas, and will provide ultimate rider satisfaction, whatever your level. A Flat Continuous Rocker provides ample speed and insane upwind performance, while the long backside edge of the Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape ensures perfect control and enhances performance even further. The shorter toeside edge translates into fast and agile turns, which makes riding on the NT5 super smooth.

Thanks to early planing and great upwind performance, the NT5 will let you focus on riding and progress rather than trying to stay upwind. Massive POP, combined with ultimate comfort, stability and grip makes the NT5 a versatile tool that you will enjoy for many seasons.

The all new NT5 comes as a result of careful analysis of what’s necessary to help you progress. Nobile totally redesigned the NT5’s construction to develop a board tailored to your needs.

The world's best selling kiteboard has moved to a 100% Wood Core offering unsurpassed levels of comfort and anti-vibration control without any compromise to rider feeling.

The development of the new 100% Wood Core has allowed Nobile to improve the legendary comfort factor without losing the board's lively performance, and once perfected, the addition of Nobile's new Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline to the exisiting Elliptical Progressive Concave and Anti-Vibrational Technology has increased the versatility further.

Nobile's unique Pre-Stress technology not only massively improves the board POP, but also increases the stability and edge grip. Soft flex pattern provides the ultimate comfort of landings while deeper rocker line completely eliminates the water spray. It doesn’t matter if you ride flat or choppy water, the new NT5 is the best tool for the job, a class of it’s own among the wide selection of boards available nowadays.

Continuous Development:

After 10 years of continuous research and development, Nobile took a step back and re-evaluated the goals for Nobile's NT5 (555) board range. The Nobile NT5 range has become synonymous with control, ease of use and comfort and performance. No other board has achieved such consistently high praise from test teams the world over.

Light wind planing, control at speed and phenomenal upwind ability are trademarks of the Nobile NT5 range. It's ability to perform in all conditions inspiring confidence to all levels of rider are what sets it apart from the rest.

The wider sizes of the Nobile NT5 have been tuned to work in lighter winds and for heavier riders whilst the womens addition (apart from featuring a unique colour scheme) has a flex pattern suited to lighter riders and narrower stance options.

The Nobile NT5 is designed to obtain performance and above all comfort. Recognizing the fact that not every rider has either the level or the desire to be a pro this range is all about fun in the water and going home with a smile. It's no use having the highest performance board on the beach if you dont have the skills to handle it.

For many riders an easy to ride board will allow them to perform better than a high performance model simply through extra control and confidence that they experience.

Nobile NT5 (Nobile 555) Features:
  • 100% Wood Core Technology and a new 3D Deck Mould allowing for better flex control.
  • Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline increases versatility and comfort.
  • Wider stance options for more stable riding position.
  • Fin Shims for stronger fin / board connection.
  • Large fins to keep an edge in stronger winds and to let you go more efficiently upwind in lighter winds.
  • More Comfortable and easier to ride with no loss of planing or upwind performance.
Who is the board designed for:

Each size is designed to provide a one board quiver. Light wind planing, great control when powered and fantastic upwind ability are all trademarks of the Nobile NT5  range.

Not aimed at any specific riding style these are boards that will allow you to progress quickly and with the minimum of hassle no matter what your current level is.

The new Nobile NT5 offers the ultimate in freeride ease of use with performance you will never grow out of.


Wind Range
Nobile Next Pads:

Built of light EVA foam, they’re not only light and don’t absorb water, but they are also comfortable anduser-friendly. Their major advantage is the comfortand the ability to adapt to any foot shape. An ergonomic shape has been re-designed – thepad surface is the reflection of the human foot andcombined with flexible plastic material it ensures even better foot grip during the ride, which givesyou the solid control over the board. In addition,the platform at the toes improves control overthe board and precision in transferring the body movement to the board.

New designed straps firmly hold the foot in the pad without any uncontrolled movements, while additional pads on the edges improve the comfort in most delicate foot parts. Another layer was added in the toe area, in order to press the toes to the pad surface. Eco leather guarantees the quality and solidity of the product, the neoprene inside improves thecomfort, while the wide Velcro-fastened buckle makes the whole fastening solid and reliable. The strap itself is fastened inwards, which was provedby the ergonomics tests – it is also less prone toaccidental catching in by the kite lines.

Nobile Click 'N' Go Fin System:

All fins and grab handles are produced in the KISS tool-free mounting standard. It takes just few seconds to mount/demount fins with your bare hands. Screwdriver is no longer necessary.

Fins are made in extremely high visibility, "ultra orange" colour, so you always know where you dropped your precious kiteboard.

It takes just a few seconds to mount/demount fins with your bare hands. A screwdriver is no longer necessary. Fins are made in extremely high visibility, "ultra orange" colour, so you always know where you dropped your precious kiteboard.

APS Technology - Pre-stress:

Prestressing means the intentional creation of initial tension in a structure for the purpose of improving its strength properties.

In kiteboarding, pre-stress allows the board to be loaded with energy during production. Storing the energy inside the board makes it a bit more stiff and much more torsion resistant, which results in astonishing POP. Pre-Stress technology also allows us to build thinner and lighter boards, yet still more durable.

The Human Concept - Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline:

You can’t escape the fact that kite-boarding stances are not symmetrical; can you ride the same on your toe side and heel side edges? If not, then you have to ask yourself why your board has the same outline and fin position on the heel side and toe side edges.

Nobile’s Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline is designed around their Human Concept, performance that is destined to enhance and work in harmony with your natural physiology, not fight against it.

Nobile have tailored the outline on your stronger heel side rail to have more grip, better upwind performance and maximum POP.

On the weaker toe side, Nobile have increased the curve radius and bought the fins closer to your feet improving the carving potential and comfort factor of the board when riding switch whilst at the same time radically decreasing the foot pressure needed to hold your edge.

Honeycomb Board:

This aerospace product has found its sweet spot in kiteboarding technology as well. It's 90% lighter than wood, but has great durability.

Placed in different areas depending on board model, it reduces weight, gives pop, improves tensional response and allows accurate flex adjustment.

Elliptical Progressive Concave:

Elliptical Progressive Concave combines the added advantages of both the flat bottomed board and the concave shape. The tail area of the board is flat allowing increased flex for comfort and smooth turning whilst the centre section of the board has up to 5mm of concave providing earlier planing, extra rail grip and a smoother ride.

Hydrodynamic Rocker Line:

A conventional rocker with it's flatter centre section and increasing radius towards the tail causes the water to accelerate along its length as the distance it has to travel increases.

This acceleration causes drag on the board. Nobile's hydrodynamic rocker contains most of it's radius in the centre of the board.

The straight action enables the water to maintain it's direction of travel all the way along the bottom of the board making the drag from the water to be reduced to a minimum as it travels the shortest distance possible.

Nobile have increased the lift in the tips of the Hydrodynamic Rocker Line. This subtle change increases versatility (particularly when switching from heel-side to toe-side) and dramatically reduces unwanted spray whilst maintaining all other benefits the Nobile boards have become famous for.

Complete Anti-Vibration Control:

It is a little known fact that proper flex control in a kiteboard is not solely determined by the deck's overall deflection in response to pressure.

Variable flex zones, flex response speeds and vibration control are all equally important factors.

Fast flex response speeds can raise the performance characteristics of a board that can cause rail "chatter" at speed, leading to a loss of rail grip and a general lack of comfort. Reducing this "chatter" or vibration through the use of advanced core materials and laminate provides exceptional rail grip in all conditions and increases rider comfort and control.


This layout of fibers transfers power directly to the edges and creates perfect flex. As a result the board features aggressive filling, quick response and harmonious flexibility.

Control Bar