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North Orbit Pro

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North Orbit Pro

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  • 6.0m
  • 7.0m
  • 8.0m
  • 9.0m
  • 10.0m
  • 11.0m
  • Kite Only
  • Navigator Control Bar


Competition-optimised to land the highest-scoring tricks, the North Orbit Pro has been engineered to be lighter with faster steering, more extreme boosting and longer hangtime.

Not for the faint-hearted, the Orbit Pro lets you exploit increased pressure systems at altitude for greater power and delivers hangtime to win the heat. At North, they know committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands unwavering trust in your kite.

Their iconic premier 5-strut kite is re-engineered in a refined weight-saving design for incredible top-end control and performance you can rely on.


Wind Range
Size Wind Range (Knots)
6.0m 21-37
7.0m 19-36
8.0m 17-35
9.0m 15-32
10.0m 13-29
11.0m 12-27
Lighter N-Max Airframe:

The N-Max ensures the leading edge and struts meet structural stiffness and durability demands without adding unnecessary weight. The material also has a more balanced weave for a crisp, lively feel. Its symmetrical yarn pattern gives the material a lower bias elongation that snaps back to its original shape faster. This provides the kite with a crisp response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery.

Refined Weight Saving Construction:

North have used lighter N-Max Dacron, stripped back the scuff guards, used the lightest bladders, reduced the HyperFlow hardware and steering impulse attachment points. The canopy is constructed using North High Tenacity Ripstop (N-HTRS) polyester yarn canopy material for lightness, high tear strength and longevity. 

Fast Controlled-Response Bridles:

The reworked bridles ensure consistent high-performance, especially in the high end. North have retained the Orbit’s controlled response and fast steering while giving the kite a more energetic feel with increased depower. Their competition athletes have put the Orbit Pro through hardcore testing in exteme conditions, enabling us to refine the steering behaviour and give the kite a more responsive feel. When you’re in inverted rotations, you’ll know where it is.

High Quality No-Pulley Bridle Lines:

This results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity. Removing all pulleys from the bridle improves safety and gives the kite direct and precise handling.

Pro-Point Light and Direct Bar Pressure Options:

Closest to the wingtip (-) is the factory setting your kite will be delivered with. Use this setting for light bar pressure and a slightly more direct feel in the steering. Further away from the wingtip (+) gives a medium bar pressure, firmer, more direct steering and shorter depower travel. It’s a Formula 1 feel, requiring a little more force to control the steering.

Stable 5-Strut Performance:

When you’re chasing a storm, the Orbit Pro provides incredible top-end control. The five-strut design gives it an incredible amount of stability and wind range, and you have a lot more control over the canopy movement at low attack angles. The five-strut design gives it impressive stability and wind range and you have a lot more control over the canopy movement at low attack angles. Reduced diameter micro struts are engineered as thin as possible while maintaining structural integrity.

No Pulley Bridle Lines:

High-quality spliced, pre-stretched bridle lines are pre-loaded and measured before cutting to improve accuracy and consistency. This results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity. Removing ALL pulleys from the bridle improves safety and gives the kite direct and precise handling.

HyperFlow with Refined Strut Isolation Capacity:

Ergonomic high volume single point inflation system with large diameter hose for rapid inflation and deflation. The cap and valve base geometry has been optimised for more comfortable opening and closing in colder conditions (when your fingers are freezing).  This helps to concentrate any weight in the centre of the kite, enabling a balanced load distribution for faster turning and reduced swing weight. Note: HyperFlow Pinch Clamps can be purchased separately and added to the second and third struts if preferred.

Aerodynamic Profile Transition Panels:

The PTP reduce inconsistencies in the profile, resulting in a more efficient kite, with aerodynamic airflow and less turbulence.

S-Arc Segmented Curve Arc Design:

The wingtip has more of an elliptical shape for reduced drag and slightly faster turning speed, while a slightly deeper profile in the centre creates more lift.

Duralite Micro Seam Protectors:

North have reduced the length of the lightweight STPU reinforcement patches that protect the leading edge from chafing and abrasion. Markcloth seam protectors on the canopy also help to protect the stitching.

Airlite Bladders in all sizes:

Lighter weight means a smaller turning radius. Lighter weight means your kite flies faster, sooner, because you need less wind to get the kite up in the sky.

Control Bar
North Navigator Control Bar System

Release and reload faster with the intuitive single-action reload Connect Quick Release, and change quickly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. T

The Navigator Control System raises the bar in kite safety, connecting you intuitively to your kite so you can think less and feel more. North have taken premium leading technology materials and applied simplified ergonomic design for precise performance with ease and comfort. Sensing your kite's position just became second nature.

Single Action Reload:

Connect Quick Release with intuitive single action reload raises the bar in kite control system safety. The red Quick Release handle has been ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably for an industry standard push away release.

Toolless Interloop:

Push, twist, pull, lock and go. Our Toolless InterLoop makes the customer experience effortless when swapping between disciplines.

Tactile Offset Finger Bar:

For an ergonomic grip and intuitve feel when the control bar is orientated correctly.

Low Friction Co-Efficient Materials:

All loaded or running surfaces feature highly polished 316 stainless steel and low-friction components to enable fast, safe releases in a wide range of conditions.

Integrated Retractable Line Winder Bungee:

Prevents tangled lines when packed up. Bungee retracts out of the way when not in use.

Leader Line PU Tubing Covers:

To help prevent line abrasion from uncovered lines against your skin, while colour-coded PU tubing covers where the leaders come out of the float help them remain rigid and out of the way when the flying lines aren't under tension.

Cleated Trim System:

Provides industry proven depower on demand.

Kook-Proof Line Connectors:

Ensure you always set up your lines correctly. Designed to be exactly the same length so you can easily change the front (knotted end) and rear (larks head loop) connectors to match most other manufacturers kite configurations.

Optimised TPU Material:

For flex and durability.

Colour Coded Components:

Grip, leader tubing and line retainer pull tabs give a nod to our sailing heritage, port (red) and starboard (green).

Injection Molded Soft EVA Bar Ends:

Ensure nothing hard comes in touch with you or your board, and contain rear line adjustment.

100% Dyneema SK99 Control Line:

Latest technology German-made LIROS DC Pro offers the highest load capacity with minimal line diameter, for less parasitic drag, extreme stretch resistance and the most direct performance.

Available in 45-50cm and 50cm-55cm.

Control Bar complete with Connect Quick Release, Standard Freeride Loop, Short Leash


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