Peter Lynn 4-Line Handles Harness Line

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Peter Lynn 4-Line Handles Harness Line

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  • 35cm
  • 45cm
  • 55cm
  • 65cm


When flying a bridled foil on 4-line handles you’ll soon find out that kite power can wear you out soon, especially your arms. To counteract this, most experienced riders fly hooked into a harness to connect the two separate 4-line handles.

The Peter Lynn harness line is made out of extra durable Dyneema and has a loop on the end as well as a knot so it is easy to attach to all kinds of 4 line handles.

The Peter Lynn Harness line is available in 4 sizes: 35cm, 45cm, 55cm and 65cm.

To correct strop length for you will depends on personal preference and whether you are buggying or landboarding. If you are unsure we recommend you try the 65cm strop.

  • For use with the strop attachment on the knots on the back of 4-Line Handles
  • Easy and quick to change
  • Wax coated to protect the line from wear
  • Clean Profile
  • Better Steering Range
  • 4 Sizes
  • High grade Sk75 Soft malleable Dyneema Line
  • Incredibly strong - 1000kg load tested

Available in 35cm / 45cm / 55cm / 65cm Length


Wind Range
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