Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness -
Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness -
Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness -

Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness

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Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness

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  • Small / Medium
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Spreader Bar:
  • Standard Spreader Bar
  • Challenger Spreader Bar


Harness the power for your traction activities - seat style harness suitable for all land based activities.

The Peter Lynn Base Seat Harness comes complete with either a standard or challenge spreader bar making it the perfect tool to transfer the kite's power onto your body, taking the load off your arms, making it perfect for flying on handles.

The Peter Lynn Base Harness is the only truly dedicated recreational harness designed to be used with handles whether you are recreationally flying, buggying or landboarding.

Designed to take the load off the lower back area, the spreader bar is positioned lower on the body than a waist harness making it more comfortable especially when the kite is at the zenith.

The Peter Lynn Base Seat harness comes complete with:
  • Padded belt to support your lower back
  • Velcro front belt helping you to put on the harness quickly and easy
  • Adjustable leg straps with adjustable spreader bar attachment straps and dual loops on the harness to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Complete with either Standard or Challenge wheel spreader bar to divide the load and put stress on the body rather than your arms as well as ensuring smooth steering of the kite.

The Peter Lynn Harness is reinforced around the webbing connections to ensure durability. Fitted with extra padding around the back for more comfort.

  • 4-Point Fixation
  • Low Hook Position
  • Double Density Foam
  • Adjustable lower backpressure
  • Standard or Challenge Spreader Bar
  • Fits waist sizes 38"-50"

*For Land Use Only**

Small / Medium
Large / Extra Large



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