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Shinn Escalator

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Shinn Escalator

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New for 2022 the Shinn Escalator is a new compact wing design featuring a reflexed wingtip - trailing edge tension inducer.

Low aspect ratio wings deliver a compact feel by keeping the centre of effort around the rider's hands and enhance manoeuverability through a reduced span however, rather than using a batten or strut to control the increased trailing edge surface area, Shinn has turned to the natural tensioning properties of the leading edge – reflexing the tips delivers a constant tension in the wing canopy without adding weight where it hurts the most.

The massive low end grunt this wing develops allows the rider to choose a wing one or even 2 sizes below what they would otherwise use – perfect if freestyle and jumping is your thing but also ideal for lighter wind cruising as the larger sizes don’t feel big (apart from in power delivery!). Jump onto the foil quickly and effortlessly and glide through the lulls without care.

Available in a huge range of sizes the 5.5m and above are a light wind dream whilst the smaller models become a freestyler's dream – popping and spinning with ease.

  • Low AR design for a compact and manoeuvrable feeling
  • Reflexed wing tip automatically tensions the canopy
  • 5mm coiled PU leash included
  • Long-short-long handle configuration
 ensures the perfect hand positions for everyone
  • Deep, powerful profile for fast foiling and riding the smallest wing possible
  • Twin inflation points allow for increased pressure in the strut, improving handling
  • Perfect for light wind cruising and freestyling
  • 3-handle configuration with the front and rear becoming elongated and the central one smaller. The elongated handles are both easier to grab in a hurry and allow every rider to find exactly the right spot (the balance of the wing can change with rider style and wing inflation pressure).
  • New strut profile better supports the canopy profile extending the useable wing range of the wing and increasing pumping efficiency. Attaching the canopy directly to the rear section of the strut ensures zero deflection from the designed shape.
  • Whilst there is no perfect position for the window however positioning it closer to the wingtip allows a safe field of view when the wing is in the normal riding position. Constructed with Chrystal clear technology these windows will not fade, crease or crack no matter the temperature.
  • With the use of 2 high pressure inflation points, you can differentiate the pressure in the leading edge and strut. 1 PSI more in the strut will improve the wing handling and rigidity especially when jumping. Deflation of the wing is alos much faster – ideal in less than perfect conditions.
  • The reflexed wing tips on the Escalator increase the canopy and trailing edge tension whilst in action. The natural pressure of the LE pressure forces the tips outwards applying a constant tensioning to this large area of unsupported material
Package Includes:
  • Escalator Wing
  • Shinn 5mm coiled Leash
  • Spacious Back Pack


Wind Range
Control Bar