Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -
Shinn Monkette Prismatic -

Shinn Monkette Prismatic

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Shinn Monkette Prismatic

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  • 132 x 39.5
  • 136 x 41
  • Board Only with Fins
  • Sneaker 6 Pads
  • Sneaker HMT Pads


The Shinn Monkette Prismatic is the Shinn honed to the demands of women kiteboarders. Designed to offer high and yet accessible performance in a silky smooth package this is a dream ride for both playful and demanding ladies alike.

Unashamedly sharing many features with the Monk X, female riders will benefit from the slightly softer global flex (which is geared towards lighter, less aggressive riders) and smaller sizes, particularly in terms of width. The high torsion bilateral tip flex provides a near "active suspension" level of control whilst our legendary constant curve rocker delivers constant contact with the water no matter how demanding the conditions become.

The multi ridge and concave base design encourages water to flow in a more efficient direction (enhancing grip and upwind ease and yet keeping that loose and lively feeling that is so much fun to ride) unlike regular channels that redirect the flow in a more radical way noticeably increasing drag. Massive grip, good upwind efficiency, and insane chop handling have made the Monkette a stand out choice for all levels of female rider over the past seasons, and the Monkette Prismatic is set to deliver yet more of the same.

Normal channels create drag by redirecting the water traveling across the board but on the Monkette, Shinn have maximised the efficiency by encouraging the flow through the critical areas rather than forcibly redirecting it all the while paying close attention to the dynamic flex profile ensuring that the comfort and control elements are not sacrificed.

Probably the most relevant female kiteboard on the market today and living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found. Ladies, don’t make life harder for yourself riding your partners cast offs demand what you deserve and claim this fine treat for yourself.

Footbed and Straps:

The connection between rider and board can make or break the quality of your ride. Of course they should look slick but only after the function is perfect.

Shinn Kiteboarding's deep section EVA cushioning ensures luxurious comfort even during the harshest landings, whilst a carefully placed section of memory foam adjusts the surface to the shape of your feet after only a couple of hours riding. Multi-position fixation points allow you to fine tune your stance to perfection. The Shinn footstrap has been shaped to provide maximum grip on your foot with minimal pressure points and complete ease of adjustability.


All Shinn twin tips are supplied with high visibility nylon fins and deck protection plates. Shaped exclusively for us from nylon (for unsurpassed durability), this shape provides exceptional grip for it's size whilst still offering great manoeuvrability.

  • Squoval mould
  • Constance curve rocker
  • Progressive concave
  • Full wood core
  • Supplied with BITE 53mm fins
  • Shinn Monkette - 132 x 39.5
  • Shinn Monkette - 136 x 41.0


Wind Range

Shinn Kiteboarding Sneaker 6 Binding System:

You want comfort, adjustability, secure connection and light-weight all in one package? Sneaker 6 delivers them all. Shinn have stepped up to the plate keeping all your favourite features in a classic Velcro set-up yet tweaked the areas we felt needed it.

The timeless velcro system allows for a huge adjustment range yet still makes micro adjustments a breeze, 3D heel cupping ensures the pad is perfect for every foot no matter the shape and size.

Grip to stomp your landings yet easy entry and exit when you need it – Sneaker 6, a new classic.

Shinn HMT Binding System:

Shinn Kiteboarding Footstrap Binding System

The Shinn HMT footpads provide comfort, control and protection breaking new grounds in adjustability, security and performance.

Shinn have combined all their lessons from more than 20 years of kiteboarding keeping the features they love and innovating solutions for areas that felt needed improving.

Designed to fit every foot and riding stance to perfection, the Sneaker HMT is probably be the best rider/deck connection system yet.

Shinn Bite Fins:

Grippy and ideal for carving without being too difficult to break traction for stance changes.

Made from moulded Nylon in a yellow colour way, they are light and tough.

Each fin is supplied with bolts and Shinn fin washer.

Control Bar