Shinn Sneaker SRS-1
Shinn Sneaker SRS-1
Shinn Sneaker SRS-1
Shinn Sneaker SRS-1

Shinn Sneaker SRS-1

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Shinn Sneaker SRS-1

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Tested and approved through many seasons the Shinn SRS-1 ratchet system had been time and again proven to provide reliable, trouble free and micro adjustable service.

The Shinn Sneaker SRS new buckle system allows for a huge adjustment range yet still makes micro adjustments a breeze, the memory foam heel insert ensures the pad is perfect for every foot no matter the shape and size, combined with a new Zoned traction surface means grip to stomp your landings yet easy entry and exit when you need it.

It may seem intuitive but the positioning of the all new toe ridge proved tricky to define but nail it Shinn have, providing a mountain of grip when you want to be locked into the straps yet no barrier to your exit when things get hot and you need to leave in a hurry. Likewise the new heel cupping secures your feet giving re-assuring leverage when you need it yet doesn’t impair movement during your wilder rides.

Shinn Kiteboarding's deep section EVA cushioning ensures luxurious comfort even during the harshest landings, whilst a carefully placed section of memory foam adjusts the surface to the shape of your feet after only a couple of hours riding. Multi-position fixation points allow you to fine tune your stance to perfection. The Shinn Sneaker SRS footstrap has been shaped to provide maximum grip on your foot with minimal pressure points and complete ease of adjustability.

  • On-the-fly adjustment – even whilst jumping (if you dare!)
  • Zoned Surface Texture - Grip where you need with no restriction on ease of entry.
  • 3D shaped, form fitting, memory foam equipped surface to better support your feet.
  • Super Plush EVA heel cushioning provides precisely the right tactile feel whilst protecting your knees and ankles.
  • Micro Adjustable Ratchet system ensuring not only the perfect fit but sublime amounts of “stick-tion” as well.


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