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Foil Boards

Kitesurf Foil Boards or Hydrofoiling provides riders with a new feeling to the sport and opens you riding up to a much larger range of conditions.

If you can keep a kite in the air, you can go out and ride!

With a foil kiteboard it is possible to ride faster than any kite race board, going multiple times faster than the wind speed and definitely faster than most sailing boats.

£0.00 - £2,998.00

Airush AK Phazer


Airush AK Phazer Duratech


Airush AK Nomad


Airush AK Compact


Airush Foil Skate V3


Airush Mini Monster Convert


Airush Progression Foil Board


Airush Team Foil Board


Cabrinha Code


Cabrinha Link


Cabrinha Logic


Cabrinha Swift


Cabrinha Bump


Cabrinha Macro Air


Cabrinha Special Agent


Core Roamer


Core SLC


Core Roamer S


Duotone Free Foil


Duotone Hybrid SLS Foil


Duotone Indy D-Lab


Duotone Indy Foil Board


Duotone Pace Foil Board


Duotone Pace SLS


F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil


F-One Pocket


F-One Pocket Carbon


F-One Race Pro Carbon


F-One Slice Bamboo Foil


F-One Stig


North Scoop


North Seek


North Seek Air


North Swell


Ozone Apex V2


Ozone Rise


Ride Engine Bird Machine


Dakine Phaze Wing Foil Board


Shinn Jackson Prismatic Foil


Slingshot Dwarf Craft


Slingshot Flying Fish