F-One Slice Bamboo Foil
F-One Slice Bamboo Foil
F-One Slice Bamboo Foil
F-One Slice Bamboo Foil

F-One Slice Bamboo Foil

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F-One Slice Bamboo Foil

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  • 5`1"
  • 5`3"
  • 5`5"
  • Board Only with Fins
  • Surf Straps


Equipped with twin US tracks the F-One Slice Bamboo Foil is a fantastic all in one board. The compact dimensions, parallel outline and thin rails of the slice make its shape a perfect match as a foiling board. Easy to handle, the Slice also delivers a smooth ride even when the boards occasionally hits the water. Freestyle, Wave, Cruising and Foiling, the Slice Flex Convertible can really do it all!

The board has a straighter rocker and a parallel outline, which fades into a dynamic winger tail to increase its manoeuverability. The squared off nose keeps the length to a minimum, and there are two sizes for you to choose from. The 5’3” is perfect for larger riders over 75kg who would usually ride a board around 5’8” while the smaller 5’1” is ideal for smaller riders.

The volume and the thickness of the Slice have been specifically tailored for kiting to ensure the highest possible level of performance. Underneath you’ll find a single concave with central channel which has been extended and now runs along the entire length for more directional stability.

F-One have kept the rails of the board thin to allow you to hold a better edge and also to increase the pop, making freestyle tricks easier. The distinct kick in the rocker line around the fins has been emphasized to get more pop out of the board. The nose is pulled up slightly to help nailing the landings while the long channel provides the stability required.

The board delivers plenty of speed, both on flat water, for tricks, and in the waves too. The flatter rocker line enables the board to carry itself through weaker sections of the wave and the thin rails and pulled in winger tail make for dynamic turns on the face. And the thruster fin set up offers maximum versatility across a wide range of conditions, while also making the board easier to use.

The Slice is best suited to small and medium sized waves and excels when the conditions are onshore, and the waves aren’t too powerful. The increased speed offered by the board allows you to negotiate the wave without relying on its power as much.

For strapless freestyle riding, the compact dimensions make it very easy to manoeuvre the board in the air and swing weight is reduced. Even performing simple jumps is made easier, with a wide stance pop comes easy and the light nature of the board will help you improve incredibly quickly. The Slice will switch your level to “fast forward” mode!

HD Foam Flex Composite: 

Offering good flex, with deck stringers for durability, shock absorbers for comfort a full deckpad with footstrap inserts and our new F-One fins.

Twin Tracks:

The twin track system with lateral spacing of 90mm is becoming an industry standard. This system is compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4x fastening bolts. The length of the tracks enables some room to adjust the position of the foil on the board to reach everyone’s preferred balance.

F-One Slice Bamboo Foil: 
  • 5'1" (156.0cm x 45.5cm) (21.7 Litres)
  • 5'3" (161.0cm x 46.5cm) (23.0 Litres)
  • 5'5" (166.0cm x 47.5cm) (24.7 Litres)
  • Unique ROCKER for outstanding pop!
  • High level of CONTROL during aerial tricks
  • HD Foam Flex Composite
  • Easier reception thanks to the squared outline
  • Deck Stringers for strength
F-One Slice Bamboo Foil Board Complete with:
  • F-One Flow fins
  • F-One EVA rear pad


Wind Range
Control Bar