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£0.00 - £1,575.00

Masts / Wings

Choose from our vast selection of foil wings and masts in an assortment of colours, styles and designs.

Whether you are in need of a replacement, upgrade or just want to try something new, Kiteshop have got you covered.

£0.00 - £1,575.00

Ozone Apex V1 Front Wings


Sabfoil Foil Front Wings


Slingshot Foil Front Wings


Airush Core Foil Front Wings


Axis Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) Series Front Wings

£399.00 £509.00

Axis High Performance Speed (HPS) Front Wings


Axis Research Team (ART) Front Wings


Axis Research Team Pro (ARTPro) Front Wings


Axis Surf Performance (SP) Front Wings

£339.00 £495.00

Axis Spitfire Front Wings


Axis Pump n Glide (PNG) Front Wing


Sabfoil Foil Mast


Ride Engine Futura Foil Mast


Shinn Aluminium Foil Mast


Airush Core Foil Mast


Naish S26 Aluminium Foil Mast

£299.00 £439.00

Naish S27 Aluminium Foil Mast

£314.00 £449.00

Ozone Apex V1 Carbon Mast


Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Mast


Axis Surf Foil Masts


Axis Power Carbon Masts


Duotone Mast and Fuselage Set

£425.00 £499.00

Naish Fuselage

£189.00 £249.00

Sabfoil Kite Foil Fuselage


Axis S-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance Red-Series Fuselage


Axis B-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance B-Series Fuselage


Axis Advance+ B-Series Fuselage


Ozone Apex V1 Fuselage


Sabfoil Foil Rear Stabilizer


Shinn Foil Rear Wings


Axis Freeride Rear Wings


Axis Speed Rear Wing


Axis Skinny Rear Wings