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Shinn represents a passion for the creation of extremely high quality, innovative Hydrofoils.

Priding themselves with an almost obsessive attention to detail with a never ending goal of improving performance and usability at the same time.

No matter your foil riding ambitions or level, all riders are continuously learning.

At Shinn everything they do is designed to make your journey more comfortable and more rewarding.

£0.00 - £1,955.00

Shinn Vilion Prismatic


Shinn Monk X Prismatic


Shinn Monkette Prismatic


Shinn Ronson Prismatic


Shinn Superking Prismatic


Shinn ADHD Prismatic


Shinn Absinthe Prismatic


Shinn Slicer


Shinn Jackson Prismatic Foil


Shinn P2 1200 Foil


Shinn Suprahydro Foil


Shinn Foil Rear Wings


Shinn Aluminium Foil Mast


Shinn Kiteboarding Bite Fins


Shinn Escalator


Shinn Resurector V2


Shinn Monk Griffin T-Shirt

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Shinn Just Skills T-Shirt

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