Shinn P2 1200 Foil -
Shinn P2 1200 Foil -
Shinn P2 1200 Foil -
Shinn P2 1200 Foil -
Shinn P2 1200 Foil -
Shinn P2 1200 Foil -

Shinn P2 1200 Foil

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Shinn P2 1200 Foil

£1,325.00 GBP

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  • Aluminium
  • Carbon
Mast Size:
  • 60cm
  • 75cm
  • 90cm
  • 580 Short
  • 735 Long


Imagine making flying runs during your first hour on the water with a foil! A wing that not only starts early but is also highly resistant to stalling allowing first timers to ride at a speed they’re comfortable along with any competent twintip rider taking their first steps into foiling.

A wing that has such a predictable and stable lift pattern that even first timers can control their board as soon as it starts to fly. A wing so pitch-stable that over-foiling is quickly a thing of the past allowing you to ride with confidence and focus on learning – not just surviving.

An absolute gift to beginning to foil that no rider should be forced to learn without. You can start foiling at 8kph and has been tested to above 30 kph – fast enough for fun, slow enough to learn. It’s not just the extreme low speed lift that makes it so easy but also the predictable and progressive pitch control that eliminates the typical “porpoise” like crash scenes previously synonymous with learning to foil.

Born from a legend, the all new Shinn P2 1200 takes 6 years of kite hydrofoil development to produce what is potentially the easiest and most versatile foil on the market today. A foil where all the emphasis has been placed on confidence inspiring stability with amazingly early flight speeds and crazy low stall speeds to match. A foil dedicated to rider progression and we’re talking about all levels of rider – beginners to advanced alike.

Intuitive, predictable and stable, the amazingly progressive take off won’t surprise even first time foilers and allows the more advanced to focus on their moves rather than their foil control ability.

Compatible with all lengths of Shinn carbon or aluminium masts, the new Fuser 580 fuselage combines perfectly with their range of Suprahydro and Supraglide wings allowing for un-rivalled possibilities of performance upgrades and cross sport versatility.

Massively reduce the time needed to master those tricky transitions and perfect your fancy footwork at a comfortable velocity before stepping back onto your freeride rig for full speed foiling turns perfectly executed. For the watermen (and women) amongst us this combination of low speed lift, high stall tolerance and easy pitch control also make it the ideal cross-over wing for SUPfoil surfing or downwind foiling missions.

Multi Directional Aluminium Foil:

The cost-effective aluminium foil features a bespoke profile, high stiffness aluminium mast combined with a CNC shaped 6061 aircraft grade aluminium fuselage and multi-directional carbon wing and stabiliser and is fully compatible with the HM carbon mast should you wish to upgrade at a later date. All the carbon parts are supplied in padded covers and inside a padded travel case.

Multi Directional Carbon Foil:

A brand new technology, the MD Carbon foil features carbon mast, carbon wing and carbon stabiliser combined with a CNC shaped 6061 aircraft grade aluminium fuselage. Utilizing recycled Multi-direction carbon fibre matt built around a precision shaped, CNC cut, high density EPS foam core both wing and stabiliser achieve un-rivalled weight and rigidity which when combined with the HM spread-tow carbon mast delivers a light and stiff foil at a price normally associated with Aluminium mast hydrofoils. All the carbon parts are supplied in padded covers and inside a padded travel case.

Performance Highlights:
  • Exceedingly low parasitic drag levels allow for gliding with even the smallest of swells
  • Full rail Carve feeling made even more radical through the use of the fuselage
  • Excellent low speed take-off with a progressive lift that won’t surprise you
  • High Stall angle ideal for pumping and low speed manoeuvres
  • Enhanced pitch stability increases rider confidence and ease of control over a range of speeds
  • Fast and easy foil removal without the need to remove the screws from the board (165mm x 90mm bolt spacings).
Technology Highlights:
  • Extreme rigidity in the wing/fusleage connection makes the Suprahydro re-active and stable under foot
  • Modular design allows over 300 different mast/fuselage/wing/stab combinations with the minimum of easy to loose, hard to understand adaptors.
  • Ultra-light composite wing technology using CNC cut EPS foam cores
  • High-Modulus carbon masts combine light weight with both lateral and torsional stiffness
  • Carbon or Aluminium masts with 9 lengths available
  • Adjustable mast position on the fuselage to suit every board and riding style
  • Stabiliser shims allow the rider to trip the lift depending on their weight, style and riding conditions
  • 2 stabiliser sizes allow for rider weight optimization (SF40 > 85kg and SF47 < 85kg)
  • 2 fuselage lengths for versatility (735 for glide, pumping and stability, 580 for tighter radius more radical turns


Wind Range
Control Bar