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4-Line Kites

4-Line Kiteboarding kites allow you to change the kites angle-of-attack and have some of the simplest and safest of controls allowing you to depower the kite completely in an emergency.

Releasing the control bar will cause the kite to assume its minimum angle of attack and minimize the overall pull of the kite.

4-Line Kiteboarding kites are typically very easy to use and provide the maximum amount of safety.


Duotone Mono


Duotone EVO

$1,258.00 $1,570.00

Duotone EVO


Duotone EVO SLS


Duotone EVO D/Lab


Duotone Rebel SLS


Duotone Dice


Duotone Dice SLS


Duotone Neo


Duotone Neo SLS


Duotone Neo D/Lab


Duotone Juice


Duotone Juice D/Lab


Duotone Capa


Core Nexus 3


Core XR8


Core GTS-6