Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -
Peter Lynn Hook V3 II -

Peter Lynn Hook V3 II

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Peter Lynn Hook V3 II

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  • 6.0m
  • 8.0m
  • 10.0m
  • 12.0m
  • 14.0m
  • Kite Only
  • Compass LEI Control Bar


Designed to combine rider comfort with outrageous performance, Peter Lynn have made this new kite especially for the rider that’s been around and has seen it all.

The PLKB Hook V3 II comes with the new Teijin Triple Ripstop fabric and will bring you to new heights. The key of going to new heights is massive depower, higher flying speed and a super steady kite in stormy conditions. That’s when you’re able to take up a size bigger and keep your edge longer. Pulling on the bar should give you a massive boost to shoot you right in the sky.

With the new Hook, PLKB achieved just this. The best part of it is that you get a kite that is super comfortable to ride with a huge wind range. It’s quick and playful through its turns and perfect for most conditions.

Every size has a unique design. In the bigger picture, the sizes below 10 meter are made for stronger winds while the 10m and up are made for a bit less wind creating more lift with lower speed. As a plane, lift is generated by wing profile and speed. Bigger kites have less speed than smaller kites and therefore require a different wing profile and shape to get more height.

Easily switch between comfortable cruising and high power boosting by setting the pigtails to low or higher bar pressure to add to the flexibility of the ride. Go from effortless cruiser to massive booster at the switch of a pigtail.

The Hook is dedicated to boost big and scream upwind. It offers the airtime you need to throw every trick in the book and put you down smoothly. Its moderate bar pressure, which is easy on the arms and body, allows you to stay out longer. It combines exhilarating capability with rider focussed handling and usability into a laid back package that is always ready for more.

Want to look good riding hard & throwing big? Hook in!

Boosting and Hangtime:

The Hook is designed with maximum performance in mind. Its forward speed is easily translated into huge floaty jumps and its smooth controls allow for buttery landings.

Great Handling and Feedback:

The Hook features a short, 4 point, single pulley bridle. This makes the kite highly responsive while it offers a feeling of effortlessness in its controls. Even depowered all the way the kite remains responsive and quick to turn, coupled with Peter Lynn’s renowned kite stability you’ll feel safe and in control even in the most demanding conditions.

Lightwind and Upwind Performance:

The larger Hooks are amazing in light winds. They are light and well balanced so that they will fly in even the lightest breezes.

Thanks to the high Aspect Ratio the Hook has a high flying speed and great upwind drive, making it a serious contender in racing. As well as a great hydrofoil option

Exceptional Wind Range:

Thanks to the specially constructed leading edge and efficient bridle, the Hook has an exceptionally large and effective windrange.

It has great low end power, without sacrificing any of the high end performance..

Peter Lynn Hook Package:
  • Hook Kite
  • Hook Backpack
  • Hook Travelskin
  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI kite manual
  • Repair kit
  • Compass control bar with 350/350 Dyneema® flying line set
    (complete versions only)


Wind Range
Size Wind Range (Knots) Control Bar Size
4.0m 20-40 S
6.0m 17-38 M
8.0m 16-34 M
10.0m 13-29 M+
12.0m 10-23 M+
14.0m 7-20 L
16.0m 5-16 L

If you look closely at the canopy on the leading edge, you will see multiple triangular shaped panels. These are called TriFlow and create a smooth and clean transition between the panels.

By using this technology, the canopy segments attached to the Leading edge are now able to curve both vertically and horizontally, limiting all creases from happening on the canopy closer to the leading edge.

TriFlow creates an extremely smooth surface and clean airflow over the canopy, resulting in more stability and a better overall performance of the kite. TriFlow makes the Escape even more stable so that you can focus on jumping and boosting and riding to the max.

5-Strut High Aspect Ratio:

The Hook has been designed with a 5-strut construction, built for massive hangtime, speed and upwind capabilities.

Also, the high Aspect Ratio increases the aerodynamics of the wing, and helps your landings by gently placing you on the water. Buttery landings are a must if you’re starting to really push your riding.

Extremely Durable Canopy:

By using a clever combination of the best materials the industry has to offer and the latest construction techniques we’ve created a strong and durable wing.

PLKB had in mind to make the materials of the Hook extra durable so that anyone can easily progress with this kite. From trick to trick, the Hook’s canopy will never fail you.

Adjustable Pig Tail Position:

By moving the pigtail over the back bridle lines away from the kite, you can compensate for front line stretching.

Or, by moving the pigtail over the back bridle lines towards the kite, you can compensate for a less responsive kite.

This is why PLKB kites are equipped with 4 pre-set attachment points on the back bridle lines. This will make sure you always have the same feeling even when the kite gets older.

Multiple Tip Settings:

The Swell has multiple tip settings on the wingtips giving the rider full control over how they want the kite to fly.

It can be set up with super light bar pressure or hard direct feedback for those days when you are in the barrel and need to feel every nuance of the kite.

Fits All Valve:

PLKB kites are equipped with a ‘fit-all-valve’ for easy inflation. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze.

You won’t have to spend hours and hours looking for a pump with the right connection, and will be out on the water in no time.

Double Stitched Leading Edge:

Multiple reinforcements improve durability. The leading edge and struts are built with the most durable Dacron. The entire span of the leading edge has been reinforced along the seam with double stitches to protect it from getting damaged when crashing or getting a pounding by waves, making it hands down one of the toughest kites on the market.

All the bridle attachment points are reinforced with Dacron patches that are stitched on the inside of the leading edge so, even if all the power is channelled through one bridle point, the kite will not get damaged.

Control Bar
Peter Lynn Compass Control Bar:

Peter Lynn Compass Control Bar and Lines:

The all new PLKB Compass Bar has been redesigned with an all new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. Many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip, Replaceble Loops and with new looks, the Compass bar is all you need.

ISO 21853 Safety Standard for Quick Release Systems Certified

The PLKB Compass Bar comes with the The ISO standard 21853 certification. This certificate has been introduced in 2020 to standardise and saftey check all quick releae systems. It shows that the Quick Release has been tested and shall withstand a load of three times the maximum user weight of 120kg equal to 3 600 N, without any breakage and shall still function as intended.

One-Hand Recovery:

The PLKB Compass bar has been designed to be as easy as possible. You can easily recover the opened Quick Release when laying in the water hanging on to your kite. WIth a simple 'click' you can push the QR Loop back and continue riding.

Ceramic Ball Bearing:

The PLKB Compass bar comes with a Ceramic ball bearing swivel. This makes twisting the bar super smooth and keeps your lines untwisted. The Ball bearing is open so sand can flushes out easily.

Twisting Safety Connector:

To keep the Safety Line in good condition it should not be twisted. Because the connector is placed behind het ball bearing, it unwinds automatically.

Clamcleat with Velcro Lock:

The Trimline and Clamcleat have been developed to create a perfect lock for easy power adjustment. When your kite is depowered. The grab handle can be locked to the side of the clamcleat with the Velcro Lock.

Dyneema SK75 425KG Lines 22m:

The Compass bar has been made with only the highest quality SK75 lines. These lines can handle up to 425KG and are braid to perfection. Lines with Anti-twist, Minimal Stretch and UV-protected for maximum durability and safety. All lines are black with color coded connectors for kook proof attachment. The Power Lines are split after 8m to prevent your bar from sliding all the way to the kite after pulling the safety.

One Bar for All:

The Compass bar has an option in the leader lines to add a brake line. This could convert the Compass LEI Control bar to be used for foil kites. Also a 5th line can be added to be used in the snow or for the 5-line kites.

Control Bar Size: 
  • Small - 43cm - 22m Lines
  • Medium - 51cm - 22m Lines
  • Large - 60cm - 22m Lines


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