Dakine Push Button Hammerhead Spreader Bar

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Dakine Push Button Hammerhead Spreader Bar

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  • 8"Inch (20cm)
  • 10"Inch (25cm)
  • 12"Inch (30cm)


The Dakine Push Button Hammerhead Spreader Bar has a unique hook shape and length to keep the centre line hooked when needed, but also allows for easy unhooking.

Stainless steel fixed and kite-specific spreader bar with a shorter hook for better control.

The Dakine Safety Knife allows you to cut your flying lines in an emergency. Positioned alongside the spreader bar from a quick access pocket.

Comes complete with Spreader Bar Pad and Hook Knife.

  • Kite-specific hammerhead hook
  • Push button easy connect and disconnect
  • Crossbar for hold down webbing strap
  • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Marine grade stainless steel construction


Wind Range
Control Bar